Accessorizing your Holiday Outfits

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Post 3 on Holiday Outfits  will be all about the accessories! I’ll finish with Makeup on Wednesday. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ideas I shared in the first post where I shared complete looks and the sources. In the second holiday post I gave even MORE sources to put your own outfit together.

Now, more sources for  accessories. Quite honestly, a holiday outfit without some sparkle and shine can be a little boring. You don’t need to go wild with jewelry especially if it isn’t your thing. Just a little something to catch the light will really complete the outfit and really help step it up a level. I created my own motto years ago: Accessories make an ordinary outfit extraordinary 

Previously I told you not to shop the Stella & Dot site until Black Friday. That still, stands, but today I woke up to an incredible sale–even better than I expected. For THREE DAYS you can get an additional discount on SALE ITEMS.

It’s a “Buy More, Save More” 2 items: 25% off sale prices 3 items: 35% off sale. 4 items is the magic number–an additional 50% off!

You won’t believe the totals when you start placing things in the cart. Things are selling out fast so no guarantees it will all be there by the time this publishes and is read.

Statements or delicates, there are styles for all! To make shopping easier, I’ve listed the category and linked it for quick clicking back and forth.



There is plenty more–tops, bags that I’ve featured here numerous times, but since this is a post about accessories I’ll stick to those.

It’s hard to pick but here are my TOP FAVORITES. (Click on photo for link)

BEST STATEMENT: The Regency Necklace gets my vote because it can be worn together or just pearls or just sparkle.



Smaller statement in silver




FRIDAY NOVEMBER 29th is Black Friday and the entire site will be 30% off through Cyber Monday.

Here are my recommendations for that day:

  1. Oh Ya! //2. Crystal burst// 3. Ritz//4. Duchess Studs//5. Pegasus//6. Botanical Chandelier//7. Pave Studs//8. Ear Climbers// 9.Elina Drop//

  1. Bow Cuff//2. Celine Wrap//3. Chantilly Lace Cuff// 4. Silver Pegasus//5.Rhett Cuff  //6. Gold Bangle//7. Renegade//8 Vienna//9. Gold Pegasus

  1. Zoe//2.Merci//3. Safety Pin//4. Duchesss//5. Betty sparkle//6.Heirloom //7. Roar//8. Marilyn Marquis//9.Baguette Blitz

Happy Accessorizing!