Stylist Services

Creating a Personal Profile

Together we will …

  • determine clothing needs/wants based on lifestyle, personal taste and personality traits
  • learn what styles you are drawn to and why
  • analyze body type, proportion and the best styles for you
  • find your best colors which enhance your overall look
  • discuss skincare and makeup techniques

The Profile takes approximately 1- 1.5 hours. It’s imperative to have your profile established as it sets the tone going into the closet. We will spend the rest of the session working in your closet–making decisions based on the criteria we’ve developed in the Profile. We will determine how to use your space, re-organize, purge if needed, make new combinations of what you already own, make a list of shopping needs. The end result will be a streamlined closet full of outfits you will wear!

Last, after our session, I will create a detailed plan with ideas you can refer to for the following months.

Introductory Package

Profile and Closet Time, + Personalized Written Report with suggestions, photos and plan.
3.5-4 Hours: $450

**This package also includes follow up throughout the season of the appointment. Send me pictures, selfies via text or email and I’ll be happy to advise you.**

Shop to Learn/Shop to Purchase, Put it All Together

It’s your choice. This session is customized especially for you based on clothing needs, prior shopping experience and budget. We’ll try things on, make choices to buy now or later. We’ll shop department stores, boutiques or outlet/discount stores. I’m an efficient shopper. We will cover a lot of ground in a short time.

Hourly: $100

Wish You Lived Closer to Me? Virtual Closet Session

This Style Session can be done long distance via phone, Face Time, Zoom, video and email. It includes:

  • personal profile through phone call or Zoom call  (1-1.5 hours)
  • personalized plan to help you organize your closet. It works well to send me a video of your closet, then we review and break it down section by section with ideas for storage/organization. (1hr)
  • when the closet is re-organized with guidelines we set up together, we will decide if anything can be salvaged from your purge pile. We will create new combinations with what you already own. And we will define where there are gaps. (1 hour)
  • online shopping ~ we will look at styles I’ve chosen just for you to complete your look if you have gaps (30 minutes) Don’t need to shop? I’ll create a plan or ideas to refer to later.

3.5-4 Hours: $450

Men’s Services Available Upon Request

(Contact me for a custom quote.)

Not sure what you need? Let’s chat over the phone or meet for coffee. I will customize a package just for YOU! I always offer a FREE 30 minute initial consultation.

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