Let’s Create your Style Story

Through all the virtual angles of Zoom, video and email, we will work together to accomplish the goals you have specified in the initial FREE consult. We will work together in SIX  90  MINUTE Sessions breaking up the tasks below based on your personal needs. These sessions will be scheduled and completed over a THREE MONTH period of time.

It all starts with conversation! We will get to know each other. Then together we will begin to write your Personal Style Story. You will learn things that will set the tone for how you choose your clothes going forward!

FIRST we will build your Personal Profile.  We’ll assess your Personal Style, Personality Traits, Lifestyle, Body Type/Proportion, and Color preferences.  I will show you how these aspects work together to create your own unique Style Persona.

NEXT we will look at your Closet Organization. We will discuss Spacing and Storage. I’ll give you the best tips for your closet–how to make the most of your “high real estate” areas in the closet and also how to use the “dead space”.  Whether your closet is spacious or minimal, I’ll work hard to make it even better and help you use every inch!

THEN it’s on to the actual CLOTHES! I’ll teach you a tried and true method of sorting, making decisions and purging based on YOU and what we defined in your profile.  We will keep what you love! I’ll help Create New Combinations and Add Accessory Options to give your outfits a fresh look. And we will Define any Gaps and Make a Shopping List. 

****After each session I’ll write a plan/send video for our next appointment which may require some homework on your part before the next meeting. You’ll receive these “mini-lessons” in between each appointment.


 1. Online Shopping:  We will look at styles I’ve chosen just for you to complete your looks. If you prefer to shop later, we will go over online techniques instead. You’ll learn how to weed through descriptions, online reviews and sizing guides.

2. Pack Your Next Trip: Learn all the tricks to packing smart in a Carry-on and still have choices. I’ll show you how to build travel capsules and plan outfits carefully so you don’t need six pairs of shoes! I also have tips for some of the most functional travel accessories.

3. Accessories and Shoes: I always say– “Accessories and Shoes can Make or Break the Outfit”. Let me help you put the finishing touches on your outfits! Sometimes our clothing session is so focused on the clothes. This session would help you purge and organizer your accessories in addition to adding the right pieces with your outfits.

4. Special Occasion or Photo Session: I’ll help you choose the perfect outfit(s) for your special event including shoes and accessories.

BONUS: I will also teach you how to take good selfies of complete outfits to keep in an album in your phone  for easy reference on a daily basis. This is a big time saver that pays off every time you get ready

The END RESULT? A confident YOU ready to tackle your day whether it’s in front of the computer screen, running errands or working in an office. You will successfully choose outfits quickly from a streamlined, organized closet full of pieces you will love and wear! You’ll stop the PURGE. BUY. PURGE cycle and the “SECOND GUESSING” every time you get dressed.

At the conclusion for our sessions, you  will receive a detailed summary report  which will include suggestions for organization, specific clothing pieces you need to complete outfits (with the shopping sources included) & outfit layout ideas. This will be your working list which you can refer to in the months after we work together.

PRICE: $1295 (pd in full) or 3 payments of $430 

Not sure what you need? Let’s chat over the phone or Zoom. I will customize sessions just for YOU to fit your specific goals and budget. 

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