Favorites From Amazon: Travel

Here are some of my best travel recommendations.

  1. The Suitcase comes in a variety of colors and various sizes. I chose the LARGER carry-on and find that it fits in the overhead bin nicely. It holds just a bit more than the typical carry-ons I’ve seen and tried. For the price, this is just one of the best durable pieces of luggage I’ve had.
  2. Packing Cubes (double sided) to separate clean/dirty clothes.
  3. Packing Cubes larger set with shoe bag
  4. Packing folder/envelopes. This is my favorite style of packing cube. I have the medium size folder.
  5. Starter Set: I like this set with a small/medium cube/folder. It’s great if you’re just starting to pack with cubes. The larger envelope is also very useful for jackets.
  6. Deluxe Set including shoe bag and laundry bag.
  7. Cosmetic Case. This one is a little larger but is perfect if traveling by car when your space is not as limited.
  8. Smaller cosmetic case for the trips when you need to condense.
  9. When I traveled to Europe in 2017 I carried a similar style and it  was a lifesaver. I liked the option of a shoulder strap or a backpack.
  10. Some events now require a clear backpack and this is a good option.

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