I help women create a wardrobe that expresses who they they are– easing their frustrations with day/day dressing so they feel confident in what they wear AND Purchase.

Full closets, indecision, shopping frustration, finding the right fit, busy lifestyle…

These are just a few of the problems I hear from women. Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with hundreds of women both one/one and in the retail setting. I listened to a lot of these stories and many more. It’s one of the reasons I created this membership at an affordable price because I know so many women lack the confidence to do it on their own.

There is nothing better than a second opinion, a suggestion for a slight tweak to make it better and then affirmation after you apply the advice. It’s such a good feeling! That is what the Style Society can provide for you and so much more!

We’re coming out of two years of Covid dressing. That has meant various things for many of us! We’ve often been dressing more casually. Our wardrobes have become disjointed and imbalanced. You may not have the right things for various events now or they don’t fit! I know recently I realized what a gap I had in dresses and nicer tops. My closet was full of all styles of t shirts and casual tops. Last summer I went out for my birthday and I struggled to find something to wear. I realize this may sound crazy, but it is true. I’ll bet many of you might feel the same way. 

It’s time to REFRESH your wardrobe and I can help give you suggestions within your budget. It’s what I do best. In fact, I often find hidden gems sitting right in your closet that you’ve never thought to pair in a certain way. Imagine being able to create a new outfit combination with my help simply using a video app!!! Talk about time and money savings.

We’re going out again, we’re seeing friends and family. We’re traveling… And it feels good doesn’t it?

Now let me help you feel confident in what you’re wearing  walking out the door. I’ll help you fine tune what you have, build on what you what know and I’ll teach you some new fashion  tips and tricks along the way.

Let’s Get Started!

What’s Included:

Z 60 Minute 1-1 Consult
Z Exclusive Access to the Resource Library
Ongoing 1-on-1 Support via Marco Polo and Messenger apps
Z Bi-Monthly Zoom Call
Z Monthly Email Newsletters
Z Exclusive 20% Discount on all Stylist One/One Consults

Join Me! Together we will solve your dressing & shopping frustrations. Imagine a closet with everything you love and wear and confidence when you look in the mirror or step out the door!

May BONUS!!!

Exclusive bonus for those who sign up for the membership in MAY!

A FREE 60 minute Planning Appointment for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July or any Fall Shopping Experience.


60 Min 1-1 Consult

I’ll teach you how to access the member area and use the apps available for contacting me. Then we will spend time discussing your fashion goals and questions.

Member Resource Library

Exclusive access to all the calls, newsletters, trainings, guides, and info that I create for the membership.

Ongoing Support

You have ME on call! Whether you’re struggling to determine the right shoe, in a quandary over a purchase, or just want affirmation about your outfit,  I’ve got you covered! Send me a message/photo through Messenger or Video through Marco Polo and you’ll have an answer within 24 hours!

Bi-Monthly Zoom Calls

Each call will feature a current Fashion Tip and highlight one member’s questions. Each call will be approximately 30 mins and uploaded to the resource library. 

Learn.Share.Be Encouraged!

Monthly Email Newsletter

Quick Tips or Video on Current Fashion Topic just for members! Newsletters and trainings will also be uploaded to the resource library.

Exclusive Discount

Get 20% off any 1-on-1 styling service while you are a member. Whether you need a whole wardrobe overhaul,  a season refresh, or help shopping for an event there is a stylist service to help you meet your goals.

A 1-on-1 Consultation

Exclusive Member Resource Library

1-on-1 Advice and Ongoing Support

Bi-Monthly Zoom Calls

Monthly Email Newsletters

Exclusive 20% Discount on Stylist Services

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Monthly Membership
$59 / Month
1-on-1 60 Min Consult
Access to member library
Marco Polo and Messenger Support
Monthly Newsletter
Bi-Weekly Zoom Calls
20% Stylist Services
Yearly Membership
$589 / Year
1-on-1 60 Min Consult
Access to member library
Marco Polo and Messenger Support
Monthly Newsletter
Bi-Weekly Zoom Calls
20% Stylist Services
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