I Love My Clients

Here’s what some of my clients are saying…

I can’t begin to explain how much this experience has enhanced my life and increased my self esteem! The closet “cleansing” experience was worth the $$ alone. What a difference the right styles and colors make. Now I’m making the most of what I have and letting the real me shine through! It’s a small price to pay for all the benefits seen and unseen. Karen’s expertise and advice were invaluable.

–Angela C.

I love clothes!

My love of clothes had created a variety of problems for me. I was cramming all of these clothes into three small closets, moving them around as seasons changed, but never really doing an assessment looking for clothes I hadn’t worn, clothes I didn’t remember I had (yes, that’s true), clothes that it would take a miracle to fit into again, duplicates, and clothes that were out of style. I blindly moved them back and forth as the seasons changed, carefully organizing them by color thinking that was brilliant.

That said, there were many days when I didn’t know what to wear and would resort to wearing the many of the same clothes while the rest of my clothes shopping treasures were left hanging in the closets.

Karen to the rescue! She patiently worked with me as we went through the closets, evaluating each item of clothing. We identified duplicates and noted gaps that could be wise future investments.  Anything that “didn’t make the cut”, went into one of three piles: Consignment, donation, family/friends.

Were there some things I couldn’t part with even though I knew I wouldn’t wear? Yes. Karen created the sentimental category and I found a place to store them in another closet. I had done “a deep cleanse” of my closets and the results felt amazing!

Now that the clothes were sorted Karen taught me the value of organizing by category, and how that lends itself to building outfits. I have to admit I wasn’t sure how well it would work for me but agreed to try it. It now makes perfect sense to select an item (pants, sweater, jacket, etc) and then browse the other sections of my closets to complete my outfit. I am now wearing everything in my closets, in different ways. My only regret is that I hadn’t done this sooner. I even have a list of “gaps” that I will refer when I go shopping This entire process has changed my mindset in terms of how I think about my wardrobe, from beginninI g to end, and I will never look back.

–Kristi J.

Recently, I hired Karen to do a closet consult. What a treat! First she helped me weed out all the items I didn’t wear but had kept for various reasons. Some I had bought on sale. Others didn’t fit with anything else. Some I’d put on and take right off. Next she showed me how to group my clothing in ways I can see what works with what immediately. Then we worked on displaying accessories so everything was in my line of vison and therefore would be more inclined to wear. She gave ideas for display props and tools for storage. I had a lot of fun, learned tons and now have a closet that is fun to visit. Best money spent on self-care in a long time. In addition, now Karen has such a good idea of what I own she can make good recommendations based on my gaps. Recently she sent a picture of a top with a print (I had a closet full of solids) and helped me find a color I didn’t really wear. These were good additions vs buying  similar things.

–Susan M.

Karen helped me to define my own sense of style. I appreciated her thoughtful, efficient way of going through my clothing and eliminating clothing that I wasn’t wearing, was out of style, didn’t flatter me and was worn out.

Our shopping trip was fun, educational and instead of buying all new outfits, we focused on finding pieces that would complete outfits that I had, or give me new combinations of clothing to wear to stretch my closet.  She helped me to shop for clothing with a plan and helped me to see that my body type/issues was not as difficult to fit as I had perceived.  I now have a closet full of clothes that I wear regularly, express who I am and that flatter my best features.  I have received compliments since my “transformation” asking me how much weight I had lost, when in reality, I hadn’t lost any!!! Who wouldn’t want to maximize their shopping dollars, look and feel fabulous in everything you wear and receive compliments on losing weight? Money well spent! Thank you, Karen!

–Laurie M.

I have been very happy with the service I have received from Karen. She is a true professional who is warm, informed and a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and interest of the industry lets me know I’m in good hands. Her service takes pressure off of me having to stay in the know on current trends. I would highly recommend working with her for any clothing, accessory or shoe needs. Whether it is an outfit for a specific event or an overhaul of your closet, she can help with it all!

–Linda V.

I was under the impression that at the age of 53 I knew how to dress myself! What an eye opener working with Karen. She didn’t trash my closet, but she did say, “You can do so much better.” Karen found clothing shapes that work with my real (less than perfect!) body. It’s not just about organizing my existing clothes or shopping for new ones — it’s about finding flattering items that express my personality! I couldn’t have done this by myself. Having Karen’s objective expertise made me see myself in a whole new light!



I LOVE getting help from Karen.  I met her several years ago when she worked at Nordstrom and from the very first time she helped me, I just felt like I was taken care of.  Back in the day, shopping was fun and I would shop for hours and enjoy it, even if I didn’t buy anything.  That was eons ago. These days with a busy family life and a full-time-plus job, shopping feels more like a chore, and I just don’t have all day to devote to shopping.  Karen totally gets that.  She quickly got to know me, my lifestyle and my personal style, and the types of clothes that I need and want.  For me, that’s mostly clothes that look nice and are office-appropriate, but they must also be COMFORTABLE!  I really trust Karen to find the right clothing for me.  She has always made shopping way more efficient. She finds great choices for me and I don’t have to run all over town searching.  She is also amazing in helping me understand what looks good on me and what I should pass on.  I think I’m probably like most women and when I look in the mirror, it’s hard for me to see my body and clothing the same way as others would.  I totally trust Karen in helping me to decide if I should purchase something. She will either tell me that it isn’t the right piece for me, or will let me know that it does really look great.  Sometimes she’ll pick something for me that is different than what I’m used to wearing, and often that’s a great thing.  Every time that I’ve purchased something that she said looks great and I was a little unsure, I’ve ended up loving it and wearing it all the time.  Over time, she’s helped me create a more fashionable wardrobe that has the right amount of color (I used to have too much black and grey).  After working with her for years, I feel much more put-together with my wardrobe and I often get complements on my clothing.  More recently,  I had Karen come and take a look at my closet, which was really helpful.  She let me know which clothes are past their prime/out of style/don’t fit right, and which ones are still great.  There were some things that I had never worn because I just wasn’t sure what to wear them with, and Karen found some great pairings that were already in my closet that I would have never thought of.  She also helped me identify where the gaps in my wardrobe were and we developed a list of items that I could look for over time.  On top of that, she gave me pointers about how I might want to re-arrange clothes and manage them so that getting dressed each day isn’t such a chore.  If you are considering working with Karen, I’d say DO IT!  You won’t be sorry.

–Ali C.