When Your Closet has “Pieces With Tags”!

by | Mar 20, 2022 | Fashion trends | 0 comments

First of all I want to welcome all of you who are new here. If you were a recent participant in the Masterclass: “Learn Your Style from the Inside Out” you are now part of the blog audience. I’m so happy you are here! I hope you’ll enjoy the articles. I always love the comments. It keeps me going!

I’ve been blogging for many years, but recently I’ve decided to streamline it a bit more. You’ll hear from me a couple times a month-usually on the weekend. The posts may be a little more frequent when seasons change, and of course for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Doing the masterclass I had a time of true confessions. I showed an item that still had the tag on. I bought it a year ago! If you tuned into Day 3, you know I am adamant about curbing those shopping habits that include buying things that don’t suit you, and then sit with tags on.

I was bound and determined to wear this one of the days the class, but that particular day I didn’t feel like jeans. I opted for “top half” dressing. I added my Zyia jogger instead and decided I actually liked it! I’ve shown these previously and there is something about the gold zipper that helps them look just a touch more dressy.

I thought the sneaker looked a little heavy although technically it does work. I prefer a slide or mule. Black or neutral are big fine choices with this although you know I almost always opt for a neutral shoe that blends into the foot. The white in the sneaker repeats the cream in the jacket. We call this “book ending” It’s a great tip to remember when pulling an outfit together. In view 3 I did it again with the metallic shoe which bookends all the gold layers of jewelry.

Why wasn’t I wearing the Sweater Blazer?

I often refer to “talking your way through” when you have items in your closet that you aren’t wearing. I do this with clients all the time. I let them talk and tell me all about the piece. So I decided to practice what I preach. Here is what I came up with.

  • I love the fabric. It’s comfortable. This is such a great combination of sweater and blazer. It fits my style perfectly. Its by J Crew
  • I didn’t have a “third piece” in this off-white shade so at that time I deemed it a gap.
  • It coordinates with anything… or so I thought.
  • In reality I didn’t have that many things that looked great under it. My wardrobe has become so casual. The animal print top is a 12.97 find from the Rack several years ago. I have worn it, but not that much. The square neckline is very open. It’s a little clingy and looks better with something over it. Now I have a great new combination! I also liked the idea of dressing the jacket down.
  • I wasn’t wearing the jacket because it is better suited for our PNW weather in the fall or later spring. When it rains so much here, it’s just not practical unless I have another coat over it. Of course I have those options. Bottom line–I simply wasn’t going enough places to wear this. This pieces was a victim of the “Covid Curse”. It’s a keeper because I talked my way through it. I came up with more positive than negatives and created new way to wear it.
  • I encourage you to try this technique with your pieces. My clients have also heard about “3 Strikes and it’s OUT!” I always evaluate the type of strike though. There are so many pieces hanging in closets that have “strikes” but can be salvaged with just a little creativity.

The Right Shoe

Joggers and shoes can be challenging. Sneakers always work for casual looks. But as the weather gets nicer, try a slide, mule or wedge. A very simple kitten or block heel can work too. Pair with something a little dressier on top (even a dressier top) and I think you’ll be pleased with the look! Below is a widget with some slides. If you are new to my widgets, hover over the image to get the details, but be sure to click on it to see the available colors. As always, I appreciate you shopping my links if you see something that would be a good addition to your wardrobe.

The black slide I have on above is from Bueno. I’m frustrated that the selection of sizes is really low! I couldn’t even put them in the widget. If you like the look check back at Nordstrom or Zappos. I found these last year. I loved the soft leather which is so forgiving!

The Jogger

Joggers have been everywhere for over two years. I tried my first pair of Vuori right before Covid. How they have served me well! They also now have a black ankle pant if you don’t care for the elastic leg of joggers. There are sweatshirts and tees. The fabric is so very soft. You will want to sleep in them. Check out the inseam in the descriptions. The Zella is a touch longer and I have these a well.

Then last fall I discovered Zyia Active. The Zipper Jogger (shown above) and Peak Jogger are the favorites. I also like their Everywhere Pant! They are light weight, no elastic leg and can definitely be dressed up to become your work pant. They are also great for travel. Let me know if you have specific questions about Zyia, and I’ll refer you to Lucy or you can write her directly when you click on the link. She can help with sizing

Let me know what you think. Has the jogger look grown on you? Do you struggle with the shoe? And most important, what is sitting in your closet with a tag just waiting for your attention?