Spring Trend: Oversized Blazer

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Every time we change seasons the most common question becomes–What are the Spring Trends for the Season?

Fashion always needs to keep changing. We know that. Yet, I’ve heard from a number of you that the styles in recent years have just not interested you and it’s saved money! In the last four years we’ve seen shorter tops and distinctive styles. Tops with a cold shoulder and other cut-outs, bell sleeves, ruffles, puffed sleeves, and other interesting details. Some of you have embraced these styles, others not. And as I said, Fashion is always changing, so if things don’t “float your boat” presently, this too shall pass.

First let’s discuss the oversized blazer. Yes, the nineties are back! It’s actually a style we’ve been seeing for the last year or more. Yet there was plenty of fitted jackets too. Now I think we will see a shift with less fitted jackets. No need to purge all of yours though. Just wait it out and observe. Keep in mind, you will still see the classic styles of blazers in stores like Ann Taylor and J Crew.

I do like some elements of this style but it is so reminiscent of styles I used to wear back in my teaching days. I do not want to repeat anything close to that look! I like a double breasted jacket hanging open with jeans, and this will be the look I’ll try to put together for myself. It can’t be too long and oversized on my frame and I will want it more fitted in the back. I’ll choose with caution. I put together a widget from various retailers so now you’ll have a visual of how these look. Like so many trends, some of you are going to really embrace this one, others will pass and that’s Ok!

I’ll pick and choose trends to cover in the coming weeks. I like to feature what I’m seeing in stores, and it’s really easy to see the patterns once all the inventory comes in. By the way, February can be one of the most difficult months to shop because it’s a transition month. Stores are clearing out winter and spring is slowly arriving.

Here are some other trends know about.

  • Less Neutrals, More Brights!
  • Distressed denim slowly moving it’s way out along with tie-dye
  • Monochromatic combinations.
  • Mini Skirts (yes really)
  • Slip dresses (saw a lot out this last year and it continues )

Last, the sneaker trend has been around for several years. Yet, I still am working with clients who have not jumped on board and you really need to! Vary your styles and colors and it will really help your outfits look more current. Recently a client told me she was noticing the sneakers with a star. Yes, these are Golden Goose and before fall over at the price, know that they are extremely popular because of the quality and comfort. You may not want to spend that on a sneaker but obviously people do. Now you know!

I’ve updated my Sneaker widget to feature my favorite styles and brands. I did not find as many choices as I would have liked. P448 is getting popular. At first they had all the sizes on many styles at the Nordstrom Rack. Now, not so much. But, more will be hitting the stores all the time.

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