Level Up Your Activewear Wardrobe

by | Jan 16, 2022 | Fashion trends, Shopping Tips | 0 comments

Happy New Year everyone! The Wardrobe Series is back. I have two more categories to cover and this week it is ACTIVEWEAR. 2020 certainly changed things when it comes to this category a.ka. ATHLEISURE. We have grown to love it. Perhaps we relied on it a little too much, but oh it was so easy to wear constantly wasn’t it? Many of you have transitioned back to an office in 2021 and that can be hard to wear those work clothes again-especially if they are not fitting so well. DISCOURAGING! I was on a mission to find a pair of pants that resembled a jogger in feel yet could pass for work pants. I think there are a number of ways to level up your activewear!

In my Facebook Group I interviewed Lucy Graham with Zyia Active because I always love featuring newer companies and small business owners. You can watch it HERE.

You can also re-visit my post from December that shows the Everywhere pant and Zipper Jogger. The Everywhere pant could really replace a black dress pant in certain scenarios and I love how the gold Zipper adds an extra touch to level up the typical jogger pant we see out there. You know how much I love my Vuori joggers(see widget) but the Zipper option just dresses it up a touch.

In addition to the interview, Lucy put together these graphics that show some of the favorites we discussed. You can reach out in the comments here with questions or ask Lucy directly. Sizing and fabrication both are key so be sure and ask! You can order HERE.

I bought this jacket with room so I could layer a cashmere sweater under it which also dresses it up. I also wear it with a wool tee underneath topped with a down vest.

In addition to Zyia, there are dozens of choices out there! Athleta,(lots of deals through today) Lululemon and Zella at Nordstrom are just a few common favorites. Nordstrom actually discounted Zella for a few weeks and that ends today. I included a few things in the widget below. Many sizes are sold out, yet there is so much product left so definitely check it out. I tried to find the best of the best of what isn’t sold out. I don’t think I’ve even seen Zella discounted across the board like this. The Recyled Tee is one of my favorites even to layer under a sweater. I love anything this soft and comfy for layering. I always refer to these type of tees as my “Second skin”

I also recently tried Sweaty Betty. Oh my was the sweatshirt soft! They were discounting things after Christmas so I tried one. Definitely is a little higher price point but worth taking a look at.

TOMMY JOHN has expanded the women’s line beyond underwear and I see they are now referring to some of their pieces as “second skin” LOL! I purchased a henley tee a few months back that feels fantastic! I hope you find some great options if you need to add some new pieces.

If you have an Activewear brand or particular piece you love be sure and share in the comments!