Denim Trends: You Have Choice!

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Fashion trends, Shopping Tips | 0 comments

I can’t remember a time in recent years when we had some many choices when it comes to denim styles. Yes, I’m writing about this again because it’s still a hot topic in the fashion world AND it’s my most asked question among clients.

Since my last post on this topic, I’ve had a chance to dig in a little more and try some things. I’ve helped clients transition to straight leg cuts. We’ve worked with pairing the right shoe and boot. I love the challenge and helping with these things. I learn so much which in turn I try to share here. Here are some things I’ve noted the last few months.

–Skinny styles are still necessary in your wardrobe. I found this out when I spent a few days in the snow and wore boots that hit mid-calf. It’s very hard to tuck in a straight-cut jean.

-There are way more flattering straight cut choices (remember how I’ve pointed out that they are a hard on some body types–MINE!) Paying attention to the inseam and leg opening is more important than ever when shopping online. I learned my sweet spot is a 26 inch inseam and 13 inch leg opening.

–Girl Friend and Boy Friend Styles are not my Friend (pun intended ) but they are such great options for many women! As I said, to find almost every style in the store is a huge win! I keep trying and these by Wit & Wisdom caught my eye and thought they may be worth trying.

-Boot Cut jeans are so flattering when it comes to balancing a larger bottom half and visually elongating your legs. How have we lost sight of that?

-Denim prices have increased like everything else in our world.

I find myself going to sneakers more than boots. As I’ve pointed out, they just work with every cut. I realize that is not practical for those of you who are in the middle of snow and ice right now!

I’m sure I could add more, and likely I will in future posts, but that covers it for now. Wear what you love and flatters you the most. Continue to be an observer of what other women wear. It’s one of my questions when I begin working with a new client. I’m always surprised when someone says “not really”. It’s not about observing to try and keep up with the latest trend. It’s observing to find out what you like, don’t like and what you’d like to try.

My favorite straight cut finds have been from Paige. I found the Cindy Crop to be just perfect for me along with the Sarah Slim Straight on another client. I still love the AG Mari. The reviews are saying they run small but I didn’t find that. At any rate, if you try the cream pair, size up. Speaking of white and off-white denim, I definitely chose some to put in the widget as we slowly move into a new season. I’m a big fan of that off-white to cream shade because it’s different than the stark white and just as versatile.

The Cindy Crop has a 26 inch inseam and a 13 inch leg opening. This is just perfect for me so it’s not too wide at the back of knee and calf where I don’t need the volume. As I see this photo now, I notice the wrinkles around the knee so there is definitely more fabric, but it’s not too full in my opinion.

I shared this photo previously. These are the AG Mari and I was playing around with where to hem them. These were a 29 inch inseam in comparison.

I did not have a chance to get the Wit & Wisdom pair hemmed (31 1/2 ” inseam) but will link them here as well as in the widget because they are really great and affordable!

I found a pair of bootcut jeans that are really light weight and a lighter wash. I’m saving them for March and I’ll share then.

Thanks for reading everyone!