Spring & Summer 2023: Trends in Dresses & Shoes

by | May 23, 2023 | Shopping Tips | 1 comment

Do you love wearing dresses when the weather gets nice? If so, this post is for you. I have enjoyed wearing a variety of dress styles and price points already this summer and now it’s time to share with you. With graduations, weddings and vacations coming up, it’s time to look at dresses! You will see many different styles that are on trend! All lengths too! Flutter sleeves, smocking, wrap styles, florals, ruffles, tiers and eyelet are a few of the common patterns you’ll see as you shop. Remember when look at choices online, most models are very tall and the dresses can look short. Many websites give the measurements from shoulder to hemline. Use this handy tool!

Read the reviews, know your return policies– it makes shopping online seamless! Return policies are so easy now, it’s a matter of printing a label and dropping at the Post Office or UPS store. Need more help? I have to order so many pieces online to show all of you. Keep reading for ways I can help you with my membership options.

I appreciate you shopping my affiliate links. As always, when you click on a style and choose something completely different, I still receive credit and small commission. I am always grateful. Thank you.

First is a dress I showed last year from Amazon. It’s still available in various versions. I wore it all last year with a light weight denim jacket, but this year I decided to pair it with this yellow sweater (old) But I’ve also been working on my Tap to Shop looks. For example, if the piece is no longer available, I look for similar options to complete the look and give you a new idea. Tap to Shop has all of the recent widgets in one place. It’s a very convenient way to shop instead of looking for the various widgets in different posts. You will always find the Tap to Shop link in my Instagram bio, and I will post it here and on FB too occasionally.

When it comes to shopping Amazon for dresses, it keeps getting better and easier. I put some in the widget below. Pay attention to brands like Pretty Garden and BTFBM. I have had luck with both!

And side bar–recently I discovered this handbag brand: Hammitt. We carry it at Arktana Boutique if you are local.

Next is the dress from Target I bought in March. I’m really happy with this one and now it’s even 20% off the low $22 price. It’s in the widget.

Boutique shopping will bring you more unique brands. The brands you see at small stores often have their own websites so be sure and check that out too.

This is a shirt dress from Veronica M. I forgot how comfortable this style is. I absolutely love it. I’m going to experiment with the belt. Here is an inexpensive option to try if you have other styles that might work for a belt. It’s by Veronica M.
I wasn’t sure about this one because it goes against my typical style. I am not drawn to this delicate, feminine style and I typically don’t like styles that are so “flowey.” But my co-workers talked me into it; and I’m happy they did. It’s comfortable and different than anything I have. I read years ago that sometimes it’s OK to “surrender your waistline” and this is the epitome of that. I’m not saying it’s perfect styling. Things always evolve for me and I can’t emphasize that enough with all of you. This dress is by Esqualo.

Here is the widget for dresses. It is a combination of retailers and price points as always.

I did not put many Nordstrom Rack choices in because the sizes are always limited and sell so quickly. However, here is quick little tip on shopping for dresses at The Rack. There are so many choices.

  1. When searching dresses, first fine tune the search by SIZE. Look for common styles and patterns you see and note the brands.
  2. Then search by brands as this makes it so much easier and not as overwhelming. For example, I found several I liked by London Times which was new to me. I also always love Eliza J, Tahari, DKNY, Maggie London. You’ll find your favorites too.

Neutral shoes are a key component with dresses. I could have put 50-100 choices in this widget which means there really is something for everyone. With all the choices, I would put this one at the top of the list by Naturalizer. Love all the different skin tones to choose from and there are two different heel heights. I’ve mentioned this before, but wanted to say again that this brand gets a little bit of a “bad rap” as being comfortable and not stylish. I find Naturalizer to have stylish and affordable options and come in both wide and narrow. That is rare!

Since I preach about neutral shoes so much, you may ask if I ever wear black shoes with dresses? It is very rare honestly, but I do recommend it sometimes. It really is a judgement call every time, but I recommend avoiding thick ankle straps in black and finding a style that is very strappy. The more skin that shows the better,

The black shoes are pretty strappy and I’m not critical of them, but look at the difference with the neutral. It just disappears into the leg.

Two years ago I introduced the Style Society. Each May I promote it, although you can join anytime in the year. I’ve tweaked things slightly and believe I have the best combination yet! You can read all about it and watch the video to see how the Style Society could be the perfect solution for you by clicking on the above link. If you have more questions, please reach out to me.

Many of you are on this list because you signed up for my class “Learn Your Style from the Inside Out”. I will be re-doing this and adding to it hopefully in the fall. Whenever you sign up for any type of session with me, you receive the links to the class as an extra perk the you always have access to.

Thanks for reading! Next post will be about summer accessories!