The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023

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It’s that time of year again! THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE! I always spend extra time blogging for this sale. Every year I have readers unsubscribe. I apologize in advance if the sale isn’t your thing. Just bypass the posts and stay tuned for other content in September.

The PREVIEW began on July 3rd. This means if you are an account holder you can actually start looking at all the merchandise, add it to your wish list and then shop on your designated day. Be sure and read my tips below so you know the exact time you can shop.

My Best Advice:

I have shopped the Nordstrom sale as a customer since 1990. I have blogged about the sale since 2009. Working the sale as an employee from 2011-2016 gave me an even different perspective, and then starting in 2018 I joined the Independent Styling program the company offers which allows me to help clients by appointment in store or online. All this experience has given me really good insight, and I’m happy to share that along with my shopping expertise with you.

How to Shop the Preview:

While you may have been looking around in the Preview mode, I wanted to start by giving my best tips for shopping the sale. It is so easy to overbuy and re-buy similar pieces during this sale. Believe me I’ve done both! If you don’t have time to a complete inventory, at least start with shoes, denim or coats. Here’s why: Over the years, I’ve advised clients to put their shopping dollars into items that have the biggest discount. The reason this sale is so good is because Nordstrom is the only retailer who does Fall/winter merchandise in July at a discount of 25-40%. Other retailers have tried similar things; Nordstrom does it best. ANOTHER reason… when you see shoes reduced during the other sales, I never feel like the selection is the same, and sizes are limited. I’d say the same thing about Denim. Price matching can be really good throughout the year, but to find premium denim (if that is a priority ) for $149 vs over $200 is a win. 

  • Look at your wardrobe categories first: Shoes, Denim, Jacket, Coats, Tops etc. 
  • Next go through what you may need in the “Basics” category like Lingerie & Activewear. 
  • Shop by Category to ease the overwhelm and save time. During the Preview, make sure to click the yellow highlighted area or EVERYTHING will come up. 
  • Once I’m in the women’s section, I go through the categories which during the preview are nice headings across the top of the page. THEN go to price in the left hand column and put in your bench mark prices. This really stops the scroll! This year after I went into Anniversary “mode” I started searching by brand name. I advise all my clients to be brand savvy. When you find a brand that fits you well, make a note of it. It will totally help you focus and not get caught up in the thousands of items.
  • Put things in the wish list as you scroll through the preview. You’re not committing, and it’s so much easier than trying to go back to find something. Then when your shopping day arrives, you will simply transfer to your cart.
  • Your shopping day actually starts at 12:01 EST on your day. (normally it was PST) For example, I can shop on July 12th, but this means I will actually be shopping on July 11th at 9 PM because I’m in the Pacific time zone. If you don’t know your shopping day, once you sign into your account you’ll see it every time you add something to the wish list.
  • Choose the “pick up in store” option if you have one nearby, but don’t expect for it to be ready in a few hours. It is an extremely busy time!
  • Don’t be afraid to pay for expedited shipping! This puts you first in the queue. There can be major delays during the sale because things get so busy. It’s worth it. 
  • If your item sells out, don’t panic! Things get returned as the sale progresses because people are buying multiple sizes.
  • I know many of you are still adjusting to online shopping, but it really is the BEST SELECTION! This will be the first year I will not be going to a store in person and I’m totally fine with that!

Every year I receive questions about using my links and readers and clients want to make sure they are “doing it right” so I receive credit. I am so happy you want to help me. Here is my best explanation to make it easy.

I GREATLY appreciate you using my link or any links I create through the widgets in my posts to go into the Nordstrom site. When you shop using a specific link I share or even the general links, I receive a small commission and I’m always grateful for your support. I’ve added my general Nordstrom link several times in this post. YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND IT ON THE HOME PAGE OF MY WEBSITE TOO. (look for the black boxes that say shop my links)

If you’ve been making WISH LISTS and did not use my link, not to worry. When you get ready to go shop, simply click on one of my Nordstrom links, start adding to your cart and transferring your wish list items to the cart.

***REMEMBER, when you leave the site or get interrupted with your shopping there are no guarantees a “cookie” is saved. You have to use a one of my links again to go in. I know that is a little inconvenient but I THANK YOU. IF YOU CHOOSE SOMETHING DIFFERENT WHILE SHOPPING THE SITE THROUGH MY LINK, I STILL RECEIVE CREDIT. Again it is very much appreciated!

Have you been scanning the Preview? What has you most excited about the 2023 Anniversary Sale??

My first post will come on the 11th. I am always here for any questions and I welcome them.

Happy Shopping!