#nsale 2021: Coats, Jackets and Blazers

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Fashion Tips, Fashion trends, Outerwear | 4 comments

Outerwear is a category that I strongly encourage everyone to check out because of the deeper markdowns. Jackets and Blazers pull an outfit together and typically elevate it. This is the often the piece of clothing that gives the first impression when you enter a room or when you are out and about. I always say–think of the image you want to present. A baggy coat that looks worn does you no favors. Just being honest here in my first paragraph! It’s an area where women tend to cut corners and hang onto things too long. Update your outerwear and jackets so you look polished and put together now that we are going out again!

I was at one of our local stores today and the rumor I heard was confirmed. All of the inventory has NOT arrived. If your shopping day is still coming up, you should be happy to hear that.

The sale is a great time to build on your Outerwear capsule. For most areas of the country, I am going to recommend: 1. Wool coat 2. Puffer coat 3. Raincoat or trench coats that is water resistant. I realize many of you reading are like me and have a few more than that. I LOVE coats of all styles so I have a collection and will possibly add a 1-2 this year.

I was underwhelmed with the wool coats this year. Maybe they are still coming! Sam Edelman has added coats as of last year and what I have seen I liked. Another pattern I noticed was the coats are more oversized and definitely longer. We haven’t seen that in the last 10-15 years. Women requested longer lengths and they just weren’t out there. Coats are more expensive to hem and at my height I don’t want a long coat. I’ll be passing on this trend, but if coats have felt too short to you, I’m sure it will be a welcome change.

Puffer Coats have become more streamlined with a much more flattering silhouette. North Face and Bernardo are the two main brands. North Face typically sells quickly. The style shown in the graphic (2) is a beautiful shade of gray that I really liked, and I encouraged my client to purchase it today. It also comes in black, white and green. There are shorter puffer coats too and I particularly liked the Barbour in navy. (5)I have written about Barbour many times here. In case you have missed it, you can learn about this quality brand on their website. Sizing can be tricky between styles, but don’t give up. You won’t be disappointed.

Raincoats come in such a variety of weights, but today we tried the North Face parka (6) available in black, white or teal. It’s a great weight and WATERPROOF not Water Resistant which is a nice quality in the PNW or anywhere it rains for that matter!

Here are my other TOP picks. (1) is on the way to me. (7) Something about the plaid I thought was a fun and a little more interesting. The widget is full of other styles. Remember that the widget does not show the sale price when you hover over it, but when you click on the link and go to the site it will reflect the sale. Thank you for purchasing through my links!

I always admire a good leather jacket, but I don’t like a lot of bells and whistles. There are a number of them on the sale, and I chose the All Saints (1) I There are faux options in the widget which are typically more affordable. I wanted to like the hooded option but felt it was a little stiff.

A trend we saw last year was the shirt jacket aka “shacket” I haven’t purchased one yet. I took a guess on this one (2) but I liked the gray. I showed the longer blazer in my post yesterday (3) and while it didn’t work for me, it will look good on so many of you! Size at least one up. The Zella track jackets (4) are even more streamlined than in years past. The reversible bomber (5) we saw last year and it’s back in different color. I didn’t keep mine last year but it was one of my highlights from last year. And the belted blazer I thought was different; I always am drawn to navy and black together. Way more choices in the widget!

What styles of outerwear do you need to add this year? Do you think you’ll wear more jackets this year? If you favor sweaters/cardigans I’ll be covering that in a few days.