2021 #nsale : My Top Denim Finds

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Shopping Tips | 8 comments

I don’t typically start with the denim category, but I thought this year it would be especially important. I think all the hype this past spring about skinny jeans being “out” definitely swayed me towards starting here. There is a shift in denim styles, no doubt about it. Rest assured, many skinny styles are available. As I said to myself the other day when taking a selfie for a post… “I plan to wear skinny jeans until I don’t seem them on anyone anymore!”

To think that I really wasn’t a fan when they first came out and struggled at first how to wear them just right for my body type. Skinny jeans highlight my legs (from the knee down) and adding volume in that area does me no favors as there is plenty of volume everywhere else.

So I’ve resisted the straight fuller look because it just wasn’t right on me.

But we are all carry our weight differently and are drawn to different styles and rises. It couldn’t be a better time to find denim because there are so many more options to choose from. There really is something for everyone. There are way more high rise styles but for sure some mid-to high rise too. Check out this video to review on measuring for leg opening and rise. This is more important than ever to get the right fit with all the styles of denim now.

Let’s start with the lower price point and at the Anniversary Sale that starts at around 49.90 with my recommendations.

My top pick is going to Wit & Wisdom. This is a Nordstrom brand that has made great improvements in recent years. You may recall they were one of my shorts recommendations too. They have the Ab Solution waistband and generally you can size down. They work well on someone like myself who carries weight in the middle or hips/thighs. But they will work on thin/ straight body types just size down. They also come in extended (plus and petite) sizes and this also raises them in the ranks. Kut from the Kloth (also extended sizes) Madewell, Good American, NYDJ, and Levis all made my list in the widget below. Lighter washes are still trending by the way!

I tried these Wit & Wisdom in the store and for the first time I liked a straight cut. Now keep in mind these are more of a slim straight but I really liked them. (leg opening 13 inches) The fabrication is very soft and comfy. I’m a size 10 in these (normally would be a 12) The photo below is from my IG story. Here’s a sneak peek of a blazer too. I didn’t love it (you know how I am about wrinkles) but you might. It’s very light weight. I love houndstooth, and will keep looking. More on jackets and blazers later this week.

Now here are some of my other best choices grouped in shoppable links referred to as widgets.

***The one disadvantage of the widgets during EARLY ACCESS is they do NOT reflect the Sale price. When you click on a link and go to the Nordstrom site and log into your account, the price will be reduced. I know that is not ideal when you’re doing a quick overview. Keep in mind, all these styles are $45-100.

I appreciate you shopping my affiliate links. When you click on a link and go directly to your shopping bag. I receive commission similar to how a sales associate would for helping you. I’m always appreciative for the support, and hope you find the advice and content helpful for making choices. You do always have to go in through a link each time. Unfortunately it doesn’t save .

Most premium denim brands at the sale are marked to $98- 149.90 which is fantastic since many of them are priced over $200. My favorites over the years hands down are AG and Paige and Rag & Bone. But Frame, Mother also get high marks from others. I’ve tried several pairs of Mother and they seem to run small on me. Again, that’s due to where I carry weight, so definitely try if they check a lot of boxes for you! Be sure and let me know what you think. I hope you find some great choices!