Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My Strategy and Purchases

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The sale officially opens to the public today.  I prepared this post to share on social media for those who do not have a Nordstrom card and are privy to Early Access. It will be my last post on the topic. I’m sure many of you are about done with the sale posts especially if you follow other bloggers. It gets to be a LOT of coverage and one can tire of it easily.

I LOVE this sale–for many years as a customers and a number of years as an employee. Call me crazy, but I haven’t missed this event since 1989. I enjoy finding that amazing deal on a unique piece. I also like to stock up on a few things that are only marked down for this sale. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of  it which can lead to impulsive shopping. I have been frustrated in the past about things selling out, but I’ve learned to say AND tell customers back in my employee days. “It’s just clothes!”

This was a different year for me and I was not the “top of my game” when it comes to finding the best of the best to share with you. I will share my shopping strategy –what I purchased and the thought process that goes into it. Last year I did a try-on session and showed you my picks. But this year, I shopped later and nothing has arrived.

I edit and take inventory of my closet frequently. I always have a list of things that would fill a gap or something that needs to be replaced. This is a great place to be BEFORE shopping anytime. 

-I feel like my lifestyle has changed, I have many things and so my list was not long this year. After my Capsule Experiment earlier this year, I really do know now I can get by with less.

Yet, fashion is what I do and I’m always trying to evolve my style. It’s important for me to try new things. Here is what I ordered, with my reasoning which hopefully will help you. I will keep a very small portion of these pieces. I like the hunt, then evaluating and coming up with a final decision.

  1. Coats/jackets. I you’ve been reading you know I’m a coat/jacket person. BIG TIME. I love them.  I had wanted to add a short puffer jacket so I was drawn to the Patagonia blue jacket that sold out quickly. Instead I ordered the white one and will decide if it’s practical, and will watch if the blue comes back. I also was enamored with this Bernardo leather jacket. It is likely a want more than a need, but if it’s a piece I find unique and a good fit I may keep it. The savings on this category is always significant.
  2. Something Zella: I like to add 1-2 pieces of work out wear. As much as I loved the zip front hoodie and heavier tee I showed in the last post, I don’t need. I chose the cropped pair of leggings and that’s it.
  3. Handbags: I chose the Rebecca Minkhoff in pine green. I think the size is absolutely perfect for me.
  4. Tops/sweater. Depending on your wardrobe needs, you may need several in this category. For me I chose this top because it’s one of my best colors and it’s hard to find. As much as I loved the cashmere sweaters, recommend adding a new one to your collection during the sale, none went home with me. AND my apologies for recommending this sweater by Something Navy. When I tried it on, it was WAY oversized, too stretchy of a fabric that I worry won’t hold up. I really disliked it! The reviews are good so if you decide to try it size down ONE if not TWO sizes!
  5. Shoes/Boots  This is always the category I encourage women to focus on. I was tempted by this Born boot especially when I felt the footbed. My black tall boots need replacing. I’m not wearing as many dresses/skirts and prefer my short boots with most everything.  Since snakeskin is everywhere I tried these by Franco Sarto. My favorite ECCO I featured in a previous post are on sale and in other colors. I’m going to have to decide between those and the Munro I bought 2 years ago. These have been worn to death and need replacing. If you have worn a particular boot a lot this past year, consider getting another one to spread out the wear. (Black booties come to mind here)
  6. Denim. I wear jeans almost every day so it makes sense to take a look. I chose the Paige Hoxton, but they have to be absolutely fabulous to go on the keep pile because I DO have many pairs of denim!

If I had an unlimited budget I would get:

  1. AGL mules
  2. Mohair sweater
  3. J crew Blazer
  4. Faux Fur Throw
  5. Anna Beck Reversible Necklace

The “Not Very Exciting Things to Purchase”

I did add bras, shape wear, pajamas just because the price is right for those basics. It’s just not a fun thing to spend money on.  I would love a new flat iron and hair dryer, but that will have to wait until next year.

The Home Department always offers  nice pieces. Last year I wrote about collection of throws. I love every one and despite the fact that my husband laughed at yet another one, they are coming in very handy in the hospital room these days in the freezing air conditioning!

The Nordstrom towels are the best and I’m still enjoying mine from four years ago. The Nest or Voluspa candles make the perfect gifts and I went with the Nest this year.

That’s it! It’s a wrap for another year.