Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Activewear, Sleepwear and Lingerie

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Activewear is always a great category to grab at the Anniversary Sale. In years past it seemed like many of the leggings were always available throughout the duration of the sale. I know from working at Nordstrom that the buy for Zella leggings for example was always very high–thousands of units. However, with a few different styles I feel like they are selling out more quickly. I kept this category for later and now I feel many things are gone!

Before delving into the activewear, just a reminder not to get too upset when your favorites sell out. Once customers start receiving their merchandise, they make returns and things get re-stocked. I know the shipping is not as fast as it used to be (during the sale) and this does slow down the process. Patience is key. Save your item numbers and keep checking back.

I was able to do an appointment with a customer on Monday. This was a really nice way for me to see things in person for the first time. My customer tried some of the Zella pieces and here is what I recommend. I also threw in one pair of PJs that I spotted. They felt so great and are super comfortable.

1. Zella Tee/sweatshirt (it’s kind of a cross between the two)// 2. Zella Socks// 3. Zip front sweat shirt (softest fabric ever!) 4. Zella leggings// 5. Nordstrom Pajamas//6. Zella Yoga pants

It looks like #4 and #6 sold out as I was writing this post.

I chose the cropped leggings which I prefer (and they have a pocket) but there are many more styles. The ever popular Live In Legging is always a top seller. The Cardigan is the perfect piece to go to/from the gym on cooler days. Work-out tops are definitely getting shorter, but I like this racerback style.

Next… Lingerie:

I had started a post on this before my husband’s health issues and I never was able to finish it. Underwear and shape wear is a topic most women are very opinionated about. And it can be oh so difficult to find the right pieces. I struggle myself, but have learned a great deal on this topic and will try to share with you.

It really should be one of the first aspects covered when talking about fashion. Everything you wear looks better when the pieces underneath smooth out lines or “lumps and bumps”.


You’ve heard it many times I’m sure, but if you haven’t had a professional bra fitting recently, put that on your list. If you’ve lost/gained weight it’s even more important to do this. Nordstrom is the best for this service, but I know others who have had great luck at Soma or Macy’s. (I do NOT recommend Victoria Secret for fittings)

The top three brands for bras are Wacoal, Chantelle and Natori. I went through a great streak where the Chantelle  was my go-to. Now it’s not fitting me as well and I can’t seem to find the perfect replacement. The Natori Feathers is a favorite for many.


Hanky Panky is one of the most popular items of all times at the Nordstrom sale. For years, it used to be the top selling sku. I’m not a fan of thong underwear, but I seem to be in the minority when it comes to this. I can do the retro thong and I thought about trying this Hanky Panky style.  I found a style years ago that worked and it’s discontinued at Nordstrom. I tried Commando in preparation of this post. The fabric is so thin and leaves no lines but it can also ride up a little which is the worst! My discontinued style didn’t do that. This Natori style is the closest to what I had. Underwear is expensive and you can spend a lot trying to find the perfect style.

Once you have a favorite, I suggest buying in bulk because it can be annoying to find a good substitute.


I have worn it for years. I’m a fan of Spanx but I know all the complaints you may have –too hot, too uncomfortable. “Thinstincts” came out a few years ago and the fabric is thin and comfortable. There are two styles. One sits at the waist. Higher Power styles are meant to fit underneath the bra band. There is a thin gripper that helps it stay in place.

The Higher Power style is the most flattering because it covers what can be a problem area for many women –from the waistline to the bra band. But this style hasn’t been on sale in several years which is frustrating. Whenever I read a blog post about shape wear, the “sit-at-the-waist” seems to be the only style  discussed. I just don’t like the “spill-over” the waist band creates for many of us who carry weight in the upper middle.

Another piece of shape wear that I really like his the traditional Spanx with microfiber. This is much lighter and more comfortable than the original fabric you may be familiar of when Spanx first were introduced.

I wear this style with pants and this one with dresses or skirts.

Since I was kind of stuck on Spanx, I decided to try some other brands a couple of months ago. I tried numerous styles and several other brands. In the end, they were all felt too small, too tight and I decided to stick with Spanx!

Ok, over to you. I know you have an opinion about this topic. Do you have a favorite brand or style of lingerie or shape wear that you like?