#nale Outerwear and Denim Picks

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Shopping Tips | 0 comments

Yesterday we covered shoes and boots. I explained why I started with that category and I will move into the Outerwear and Denim next. Quite honestly, if your time is limited to shop the sale, these are the categories I’d start with along with lingerie and other basic layering pieces. There will always be tops and sweaters on sale. In fact, if your fall/winter things are stored away and not easily accessible, you might to just wait with that category.

Tomorrow is my first IN STORE appointment with a client so I’ll be staying at the store and taking photos. Look for an array of selfies on the 7th!

Before we get into today’s post, I want to remind you of a couple key things.

First, you are able to order at midnight on your designated shopping day. For example, because I’m an ambassador and can order on the 7th, technically that means the site will be live for me at midnight. NOW, here’s the catch. This year that has been changed to EST when previously it was midnight PST. This means for I can shop at 9 pm PST on July 6th!

Next, I want to encourage you to place several orders. Determine your priorities and place an order. Then evaluate other things over the course of the next days. It eases the overwhelm and you will see different things you may not have seen the first time or second time around.

You may be wondering why I think outerwear is so important. After all, I sometimes hear from clients… “But I’m just going to take my coat off when I get to my destination!” I understand. This is true, but there are many times when you are out/about when the coat influences the first impression you make.

I’m going to honest. I see so many sloppy oversized coats here in the Northwest because of the rain. It no doubt can be challenging to stay dry and warm, but certain coats can look frumpy quickly. Believe me, there are dozens of stylish options that keep you warm and dry. I think the coats are better than ever this year.

I’ve written about creating an outwear capsule numerous times. The is your time to do it! I’ve built a nice a collection of outerwear over the years. Coats stay current way longer than most of our wardrobe. I’ve had one of my favorites since 2010. Because I have numerous choices, it spreads the wear and they last.

Depending on your climate off course, I would recommend: Longer wool coats, short pea coat style, puffers (long and short) trench coat, rain coats–both heavy and light weight.

Now I’m not against oversized coats. Sometimes you need them to layer over bulkier items. Choose carefully and seek out my advice if you need. Don’t forget, I always offer a FREE CONSULT.

Read your descriptions carefully for waterproof vs water-resistant. Very few brands are completely waterproof. Barbour is one as well as Pendleton. Remember the post I wrote about wool vs down? I also researched down alternatives. Now they are offering a down alternative with a brand called “Save the Duck”!


I’ve written so much about denim this past year with the transition from skinny to straight. Here are my best tips.

  • I would definitely transition from skinny to straight but BEWARE of some of the straight styles. I think that you will prefer more of the “slim straight” styles as you transition and that means a 13 -14 inch leg opening vs 15+ inches. This is my personal preference on my body type, but I think many of you are going to agree. Remember, it takes time for our eyes to adjust to a new style.
  • Do NOT, purge all your skinny styles. Hang onto a few you love because they are still great for tucking in a tall boot or even a mid-calf boot rain or snow boot. I learned this the hard way last year. Leg opening is so important. I even included a few skinny styles that have an 11 inch opening versus the 9 inches we are used to. This will also help your skinny to straight transition. I’ll still wear some of my skinny styles- especially around home when I’m not going out (again to spread the wear of my new additions) but for the most part I’ve transitioned to straight and boot cut. It took me a while to find my way, but now I’m happy with what I have.
  • Don’t be afraid of the flared crop. In fact with the shaft of boots getting higher these are easier to wear. I’ve been sharing this style for three years on the blog and how to pair with shoes/boots.
  • You do NOT need to pay a premium price to get great denim. Some of us are partial to those brands because the fit is amazing and like so many things, they do last longer. I like to mix it up. I definitely have both. The widget will include both types for your personal preference. If I have to pick one lower end it’s Wit & Wisdom hands down! Higher end is a tie between AG and Paige. But you’ll see a little of everything in the widget below.

Let’s hear what you like? What category are you focusing on first?