How to Transition into Spring Fashion

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Fashion trends, Shopping Tips | 25 comments

Well we had a nice glimmer of Spring weather in March, but now it’s cool and raining. Quite honestly that could continue through April and maybe off/on into May. I recall when we first moved to the PNW thirty years ago, and it rained the whole month of May. I’m sure that is not an exaggeration. I was exasperated because I was a teacher at the time. The kids couldn’t go out and play, and well need I say anymore?


I mentioned spring sweaters in a previous post, but shoes can be a difficult transition as well ! That’s why I never put my boots away until June.

I wrote about these Ecco shoes previously and I want to reiterate how great they are. I bought them for a photo shoot. I just couldn’t return–I love them! They are perfect for this time of year because they are just that little bit higher which is nice with an ankle jean. It’s referred to a mid-top. The Burgundy is on sale! It’s the perfect transitional casual shoe.  (Caslon sweater//Treaure & Bond shirt//) Both on sale.

Since my post on slip-on sneakers, I have also discovered this style by Ecco. I’m always drawn to the metallic, but I really like that deep navy which is hard to find!

Here is last year’s Ecco version at The Rack! Or the lace up style . The style name is Soft 7. The Rack site often posts each color separately so you may to do a little searching with that style name once you go in with this link.

There are times I admittedly bypass a style when I’m scrolling through websites because of the color that is shown. That’s what happened with the Soft 7 Ecco slip-on shoe above. I didn’t like it in the blush and normally I really like neutral shoes. And note that the mid-top style in my photo comes in a black leather. It looks like a totally different shoe and quite honestly gives a much different look that I don’t care for!

That is a good reminder for you as well. When I create the shopping widgets for these posts, don’t judge the item by the color shown in the initial link photo because it is often available in a variety of shades. I think I’ve emphasized with these examples what a difference a color can make!


I show a lot of Nordstrom pieces, so I headed to Loft, Anthropologie and Banana Republic to pick up some things to show. I was really pleased with what I found at LOFT. They always have great prices and an extensive selection. When I checked out she told me to be sure and check back with my receipt as some things would likely be marked down he following day. I appreciate that kind of service!

Sweater//denim//Get-away bag//handbag//shoes//(similar style ) This style can be worn as a mule too. After my post on the pendants there is a new special that includes the necklace and charms!

By the way, I could have purchased 4-5 different sweaters at LOFT. So many good choices!

If you’re growing tired of your short booties, try some of the styles that have a peep toe, open back or perforations. I think it gives a little more of a spring feel, yet most of the foot is still covered. There are dozens of options but I chose four styles from Sofft.

1. Canobi //2. Natesa //3. Wyoming  //4. Milly //


A rain coat or some type of outerwear is key this time of year. Yes, I’ve written about this one MULTIPLE times, but here you see all the potential with various colors. I wear it all the time– as outerwear and a topper! In addition to the green in the photo, I have paired it with teal, chartreuse, bright turquoise. I love this shade of purple with it too, but the sweater wasn’t right on me. Every bright color works with this coat. Unbelievably the coat is still available at Nordstrom Rack. Don’t delay in ordering this. You won’t be sorry! I’ll share more photos of it worn different ways. Here’s another option that is great this time of year. I’ve shown this J. Crew jacket before and now it’s marked down.

Let me know your spring fashion questions in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!