Spring and Summer with Cabi

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I write about my Cabi picks every season. For those of you not familiar with Cabi, you can read more about it in a previous post that gives a good background and highlights the Cabi Tap–one of the best tools EVER!

Keep in mind if you pop back and read that post, the selections are seasonal and are only available for a limited time.

Spring and Summer: February-June

Fall and Winter: August-December

If you have a Cabi Consultant you work with, connect with her. If you are interested in learning more, CONTACT me and I’ll help you find someone near you, or introduce you to my consultant. Between the two of us, we can put things together for you– even long distance!

The Twofer Pullover has an appropriate name because it is actually two separate pieces. The piece underneath is a tank that could easily worn separately. The top piece can be worn over the Surf Tank.

White Madewell Denim//Keely necklace//Naturalizer shoes

The Downtown Jumpsuit in a French Terry fabric is the perfect comfortable, yet dressy piece–great for entertaining at home or going out. It can be paired with a short jacket or sweater.  I’ve been looking for a jumpsuit for two years. Many were just so long, with quite a flared leg that looked best with a high heel. This cropped version suited me well–nice with flats or in my case a reasonable heel.

Jewelry: Corset Necklace//Amour Pendant with charms//Gold Bangle

The Cabi Serenity Tee has become a signature piece from season to season in various colors. It is a touch over-sized and could be knotted on the side or pulled through the belt loop as I’ve done here to make it a little more fitted. You could also just blouse it.

Sunnies// (similar style)//earrings//shoes// (similar style)

The scarf is Cabi from last season and could be available at the outlet. I have not been there yet this season to confirm. But certainly stores are still full of spring scarves.

The Switch Cardigan is amazing! We ran out of time with photos to really capture the beauty of this versatile piece. Here I’m wearing it with the zipper in the back. The site will fill in the gaps with other photos. I know it will be a piece I wear for years!

I will post next week again highlighting my favorite essential and novelty pieces. Do you have a favorite this season?

Special thanks to my wonderful client Cathy for opening up her home for a photo shoot.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsey Norberg and Tia Tsugawa