Price Matching at Nordstrom

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Fashion Tips, Shop on a Budget, Shopping Tips | 0 comments

‘Tis the season for Price Matching! What does this mean? When another major retailer has a promotion, Nordstrom matches all the prices on the same item. Right now they are matching Lord & Taylor. Thousands of items are discounted.

It is a great way to save if you watch the site. Here are some helpful guidelines.


  1. Put PRICE MATCHED into the search box and this will pull up all the items that qualify
  2. There will be pages and thousands of items. No one has time to look through this. Instead move to the left margin and pick a category that interests you. It will help you focus.
  3. It seems like there is always some retailer they are matching. Go in every couple of weeks and do the search I described above. This is the best way to shop and keep Nordstrom affordable.

If you go back to my SHOP page some things are price matched. If you clicked the sale alert option, hopefully you already were notified.

Here is a shopping widget for you to scroll through with some of my favorites covering a number of different categories:

Things sell out quickly so if you see something, order it right away! Happy Spring Shopping!


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