How to Style a Summer Black Dress

by | Jun 27, 2020 | Shopping Tips | 3 comments

I’ve been looking for a black tank dress the last few year because as you will see in this post–it is super versatile! Finally I found the perfect one by Paige. Deep V-neck, slits on the side, not too form fitting, thicker fabric. It was a little more spendy than I wanted, but I know this will be something I have for several years. It comes in gray and blue as well. Here is another casual style you might like.

You can use this same formula for a black jumpsuit , black short dress or black tank/skirt. You probably have something in your closet that fits one of those options.

Here are all the ways you can make this dress look different every time you wear it. You will notice I did not add all the accessories in each photo just so you could focus on each category shown, then I created entire looks at the end of the post.

Add a Jacket:

Denim jacket, White jacket

Or a Sweater:

Very old cropped sweater (pair any pullover sweater–looks better if it’s cropped )
yellow cardigan, similar blue sweater.

Possibly a scarf to add interest or cover arms?

Handbags to add color/print or texture.

Clutch, cross body, leopard print bag.


(I do not look great in a hat, but many of you do, and it’s a great way to add to an outfit in the summer!

Statement earring:

Alexandria Chandeliers, Filigree chandeliers


Animal print belt (similar style) Wrap belt.

Statement Necklace:

Layered Heirloom Necklace/ Bohemian with Coin Bracelet/ Engravable Heart.
Slip on Sneakers, Lace up Sneakers or a Mule (similar). All styles will work.
I don’t have any summer heels right now–not even a wedge! I know that sounds crazy but it is true.

Three Different Looks Blending the Categories

Belt, handbag, necklace, (all linked above) , 2-tone bracelet,
Handbag, sweater, shoes, pendant, necklace/bracelet,(all linked above) gold bracelet.
Handbag, similar scarf, similar earrings, bracelet

I talk about this a great deal with clients, but now the perfect visual. The black shoes are just not right with this in my opinion. I know you will see a heavier black sandal with a black dress, but I personally do not care for it. I need a strappy sandal or something in a neutral. As I mentioned above, I don’t have a thing that works, so it goes on the list ! That happens sometimes. You have a gap, and you really aren’t sure how something so basic could be missing, but it’s reality.

I hope this helps give you some great summer ideas! I would love to know what you think in the comments.