Are You Ready to Shop?

by | Jun 13, 2020 | Shopping Tips | 0 comments

Well we really haven’t needed clothes these past months have we. One advantage to being at home –saving our shopping dollars. I had a virtual Cabi show and bought a couple pieces from Nordstrom. Quite honestly, even getting a few things in the mail was a bit of a “pick me up” on some of those days. I would let the packages sit for a while or even wipe them off because early on we didn’t know WHAT we were supposed to do. Right?

I suppose one of the highlights for shoppers is the amazing deals out there right now–60 -70% off. You rarely see that. So if you’re ready to shop, you will be able to get a lot for your money. It’s hard to say what the future of retail is and what will survive. I’m not really ready to go back into stores quite yet, although stores are opening here and I will venture out soon. I imagine many people will be cautious at first and continue shopping online. There are so many unknowns!

I’ve perused the websites and came up with some great markdowns. Sizes are limited. They will go fast, so if you see something buy it! All of these are affiliate links and when you click on the link to purchase I receive a small commission and that is appreciated! Happy Shopping!