Online Shopping: Tips for Success

by | Jul 18, 2020 | Shopping Tips | 0 comments

How many of you have been in a clothing store since things started to open up ? Can you believe I still haven’t gone? As soon as we opened to what Washington State calls Phase 2, I was raring to go. Yet, the only place I’ve gone is Modao Resale to sell some clothes.

I know some of you may be saying that working from home has changed your needs and you don’t need to go to a store. I agree totally. But, I’m also a firm believer that you FEEL as good as you LOOK. Notice how I turned that. It’s so easy to spend the day in workout clothes or super casual pieces. I know that it can encourage you to walk/run or motivate you to put on the online exercise routine. But, getting up, getting dressed just like you normally would does so much for the psyche! Routine is key especially as some of you transition back into an office.

And let’s face it, most of you reading this blog are here because you enjoy clothes and something new does a world of good for the mood. In fact, just yesterday I pulled out a top I still love and it’s over 3 years old. I love the color and it may be a touch out of style but it worked great on Zoom. I paired it with different jewelry and realized ONE more time what jewelry can do. I’m collecting photos of very casual looks for an upcoming post Jewels, Jeans and Tees.

That leads us to the topic of Online Shopping. I’ve written about it before. In fact, when I looked back it was just 2018 and that surprised me. Here is the original post for review.

I wanted to add a section that this post did not address. I know that it’s so nice to touch, feel and try in a store. I hear that from the majority of my clients. However, I want to encourage you to capitalize on the benefits of trying things on in your home especially now when the shopping situation is a little different.

  1. When you have things delivered to your home, you can try on at your convenience when you have time, are feeling good and can start mixing and matching with other things in your closet. You can wear around the house and see how it feels. With shoes this is especially so important. You need to try shoes different times of the day and walk up and down steps or even vacuuming in your new shoes helps you get a feel for them!
  2. Trying your new pieces allows you to make a good decision –sometimes even a better decision than you would in the store. Even the most careful plan, detailed list can fall short.
  3. Have you ever made an impulse decision? I know I have. You need to get to an appointment, your parking time is up, whatever the case, you buy the item and vow to return later. But, that’s a hassle, so you decide to keep it, tear the tags off and never wear it. Have you been there?


At first it may seem very inconvenient. But how Amazon and Nordstrom have changed our lives! I always say, make sure you read the fine print on the return policy if it’s a new retailer to you. Amazon works with many vendors and believe me they are ALL different. Don’t get burned on return shipping!

Don’t want to keep track of all the paper work , labels etc? Again, it’s so easy now.

  1. Nordstrom packs with a shipping label and return form to fill out. I always used to return to the store, but as I said, I haven’t been there. I learned to go into my account and look for ORDER STATUS/ PURCHASES at the very bottom of home page. This highlights each order number, the item number so I can fill those things out in a hurry and get them back. Yet sometimes I do wish there was a little easier way with Nordstrom.
  2. Cabi sends you a return label right to your email. You simply need to print.
  3. Amazon was sending bar codes and you could return to UPS store or even Kohl’s without a box. I haven’t returned an Amazon package in a few months, but assuming it’s the same.
  4. I’ve ordered massive amounts of shoes from Zappos over the years and they were probably sending the label to your email a decade ago already.

Let’s say you still want some personal attention when it comes to shopping. I am here for you. This is what I can offer to you when you need something.

SCENARIO #1: You are going to have a family photo and are looking for an outfit. The color scheme is various shades of green and neutrals like white, cream, taupe etc. You are wearing white denim and you are just looking for tops and maybe a jacket.

I would send you something like this. In addition to tops, I also threw in a dress option because everyone else in the photo is wearing denim on the bottom. To tie it together, one person could be in a denim dress. Or another person in a denim shirt. This just adds variety to the photo.

SCENARIO #2: You have a the perfect solid dress and now you need jewelry that will stand out, isn’t too trendy and will not overpower the photo. Gold necklaces is your preference so I could send something like this.

Here is the link to all the necklaces and you would be able to pick and choose what you like. Now wouldn’t that saves you time from all the scrolling? I’m happy to help anytime! I hope you’ll give online shopping a chance and that both posts will give you some helpful tips.