How to Elevate Your Style with Jewelry

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Jewelry | 4 comments

I’d like to introduce my friend Diana for this post on jewelry. We met through our EVER Skincare business in 2017. At that time she lived close to me; a few months later she moved to Chicago. We saw each other at our company events, and now we talk or Face Time frequently and have become great friends!

This week I’m doing a jewelry series in my Facebook Group/and Instagram. For this blog post, I decided Diana was the perfect example to show how someone can elevate their style using accessories.

When I met Diana, she was the first to say. “I’m just not a jewelry person! I wear a simple necklace, maybe some diamond studs every day and that’s it!”  

We of course were total opposites when it comes to jewelry, but I respected that this was her style. I recall that she won a necklace from my one the giveaways here on the blog, and when I asked if she liked it —she admitted that it seemed a bit too “heavy “ for her style. It was simple horn shaped piece—not a statement. I understood—moved on and didn’t try to force jewelry on her!
Yet, she tried a few things occasionally. Since EVER skincare and Stella & Dot were sister brands at that time (now merged together into one company) we would get a special discount on jewelry a couple times a year. Diana tried to take advantage of that and try some new styles. At first they were very simple. A covet initial necklace, a simple pair of silver earrings.

These delicate pieces were the epitome of Diana’s Jewelry Style

But then in January our brands merged. Suddenly we had a website full of jewelry and other accessories. Diana started venturing into new territory and trying bolder styles. First we were gifted these chandelier earrings in January and she was eager to try them–probably even more so than me!

Next she kept trying more styles of statement earrings. She also seemed to know when something was too much and even turned a statement earring into a bracelet recently.

She started layering necklaces together. I always say this is the perfect place to start instead of trying to jump into bold statement pieces. Instead of just wearing the delicate heart, she framed it with a little larger piece.

Then she even started creating “arm parties” All this from the girl who only ever wore a delicate bracelet or two. Wow, what a transformation. I’m not even sporting that many bracelets!

 (yes the turquoise/gold are actually earrings)

Of course we all know you sell what you wear, so this was a motivator for Diana. But when I asked her what she thought of this evolution of her jewelry style she had this to say..

“I have always been a no-nonsense person when it comes to jewelry, but the perk of EVER skincare merging with our sister brand Stella & Dot, has given me the opportunity to experiment with all types of different pieces. I still gravitate towards the more simple selections, but I am layering necklaces more often and am truly LOVING all of the bracelets!”

This was at our conference in January. The earrings caught the light, sparkled and were perfect for this occasion! What a difference from the simple studs or silver hoops that seemed to disappear in the first photo.

This post was created for all of you who may still be hesitant to “up your jewelry game”. I know—it can seem cumbersome, get in the way, appear heavy or too much. It just “isn’t you”. I’ll be the FIRST PERSON not to force you too outside of your box because I can sense when it is “over the top” for your personal style. I learn so much about when I work with you individually as we discuss it at length.

Yet, I think Diana is such a great example of easing into jewelry slowly and finding her own unique style. A big THANKS to her for being such a lovely model!

What do you think? Will you consider given jewelry a chance if you are just not that “jewelry person” ?