Two Shifts in Fashion

by | May 29, 2020 | Denim, Fashion Tips, Shopping Tips | 4 comments

Every year we see new styles emerge in fashion. Some stick around, some leave after a season or two. Remember the “cold shoulder” tops a couple of years ago? They were everywhere, still around for sure, but not positive if they will be around in a few years.

Then there are times when we see SHIFTS in FASHION.

Here are two examples:


They started getting shorter a year or two ago. It doesn’t mean that longer tops are completely out of style, but you won’t see nearly as many choices in stores. It’s a definite shift. I know that can be frustrating when you get used to one style. This top from Cabi definitely is longer. When you see things like this, grab them. As you can note, the top is longer, but the style is still different from that typical tunic top we have seen for so long. I have opted to wear it out, but this top many would tuck or do a partial tuck.

The Next Shift is Denim.

I mentioned it at the holidays in a post when I personally tried to embrace a new trend. We are seeing a shift in denim styles. It’s a little bit different than tops in that many choices of skinny jeans will be plentiful for a while. Bootcut, flares, it’s all there! But we there is a resurgence of straight, looser, and “boyfriend” styles again.

Cropped Flare. Last year I found a pair with a cropped flare in white (I thought sure I had a photo–this is pretty close to what they were.) This is another option.

This year I added a pair of red from Cabi. Love the fit!

I ordered this cream pair, but they definitely will need to be hemmed a little if I keep them. I have to start putting some outfits together and see if I like them well enough to keep. Of course they are sold out which is happening to many things on the Nordstrom site. This is a similar white pair from Cabi. I keep going to Cabi this year and couldn’t be more please with my purchases!

I’ve pointed out previously that shoes are key with this cropped style and with jogger pants. Mules, something strappy, wedge, small heel will all be good choices.

Then I tried this straight “baggier” loose cut from Kut from the Kloth. The fabric is super soft and I loved so many things about them, but I just am not sure if they are keepers. We will see.

Hopefully this gives you a good overview for online shopping or when the stores open again! Will you give the cropped flare a try?