Holiday Fashion 2022

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It’s that time again! Thanksgiving is pretty easy–casual and comfortable are the common themes. You may want something new, but typically we put more effort into the December holidays.

I felt this topic merited video and a blog post so I did both. I LOVE putting holiday looks together–I think it’s one of my favorite times for styling. Be sure to Subscribe to my You Tube channel so you’ll get a notification when the video publishes. It will be nice to see things close up on video as it’s always a different perspective than the photos. Be sure and follow me on Instagram too!

I started early because things typically sell out so fast. The “buy” for most stores is smaller for holiday items. If you see something you like grab it NOW–don’t delay! Nordstrom has triple points through the 13th and many things are price matched or have extra reductions. I shared links from a variety of retailers –more than I’ve ever done because I know several of you are still looking for different shopping choices. Of course I can only choose a small fraction of what is out there. If you don’t like what I chose, you may find an alternative on the same site. As always, I appreciate you shopping my links which is no extra cost to you!

REMEMBER to look for promo codes. For example J Crew is 40% off and so many will follow suit with big mark-downs before Cyber weekend!

Looking back at my post from 2021, there are some common themes. Sequins (or any sparkle), velvet, fur and leather are all great ways to elevate an outfit. In that post I also included cashmere as a way to take it up a notch. Although I didn’t talk about cashmere specifically in the video, I included some choices in the widget.

The top from Chaus and denim is from Kut. The jewelry is probably 15 years old. What can I say, I hang onto the classic pieces.
I have purchased sequined tops the last two years for photos and returned. I sure wish I had kept last year’s because now I’m between sizes and M is too small and large too big. This cardigan by EVERVE is so good It is actually velvet with sequins on top — really soft & comfortable! It would be great over a dress too!

Although parties have become a lot more casual in recent years, I have been hearing from some of you that your events are back and perhaps even dressier than you originally thought. My husband’s company hasn’t had a party in three years. I’ll bet many of you are in the same boat. Some of you are looking forward to dressing up, and some of you are stressing about finding the right thing. I’m here to help! I’ve been busy ordering, trying things to video and photograph. Then I’ve been scouring numerous websites to create these widgets. My hope is this post and the video will give you the ideas you need to feel comfortable and fabulous for the holidays!

Guidelines for Holiday Outfits

  1. Add a little sparkle. If you are not into sequins, look for a top with just a little shimmer or embellishment
  2. Coated Denim or Velvet pants. I found several great comfortable pull on styles for you. Both are a fantastic additions to your wardrobe.
  3. Add a fun fur jacket
  4. Don’t forget a dressy little bag and comfortable but stylish shoes
  5. Purchase a sweater in holiday color (or a neutral) and dress it up with some great jewelry and add a little more than you typically would wear!

Here is the widget for tops. There is everything from a touch of sparkle to sequins, to velvet to cashmere. One sources I always love for holiday looks is White House Black Market but my affiliate site wouldn’t let me add things to the widget. But if you like this store, be sure to shop this general link. Lots of options!

Once the top is chosen, you can easily pair with denim you have. Or choose from something in the widget below. As I mentioned above, velvet pants in a boot-cut style are all over and such a comfortable way to elevate your outfit.

Next is a third piece if you want to add. I love the idea of a velvet or faux leather blazer. The fur jackets are so warm and cozy and especially nice with a dress because many winter coats never seem to look quite right with dresses.

I honestly did not include as many dresses because I have a hunch many of you don’t need to be that formal. But as I said in the video, a jumpsuit is a great option. I ordered this one from Cabi, this one from Amazon, and I’m trying to put together an outfit with velvet pants. As I did a few years ago, I’ll try to put together 3 options and let you give input.

And last it’s time to add the accessories! The bag, shoes and of course the jewelry pull it all together. If you’re going very simple (jeans and a sweater) jewelry and shoes are the key! I add a couple of pieces of jewelry each year that are more of a holiday look. I’ve had some of my pieces for close to 20 years. Like all my holiday clothing and jewelry, I try to make them look different year to year. My husband always had a work holiday party so I’ve collected things over the years. I have sold all of the formal dresses but now just keep the separates and change them up year to year. You’ll see some of that in another post. Speaking of bags, you don’t need sparkle although I think is is fun to do like the Waverly Clutch or the new Disco Bag. You can also just use a small black bag with some great hardware. More in the widget!

This is a lot to read and absorb. Part 2 will include more photos with accessories, taking simple looks and dressing them up and putting it all together with layouts and links. Here is a peek of what is to come!

Droplet earring// Velvet pants// Red top//necklace//bracelet//bag//shoes
I love that both of these options are in Gold & Silver! Earrings//Necklace

Thanks for watching and reading!