Fall/Winter Fashion: What’s In, What’s Out?

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It has been a while since my last post and here is why… In July I re-vamped my You Tube channel. I’ve had a channel for years to download videos so I could create an easy- to -share link.

Yet, they were not professionally done so I decided to branch out! I now have an editor. I can record the clips and she edits and adds the text. Most of the time I can do these clips in one take because I am recording in short increments, and don’t have to remember everything! (Unheard of compared to my early days of video) Then I send it to my editor, and I receive the completed link to post. 

There are still topics that require written posts, but I’m having fun with video! I hope you have checked it out. So far I have videos on denim jackets, beauty face masks, closet organization, fall trends and packing. Each post has shoppable links with exact or similar items. I get asked many questions about various topics so it’s nice to be able to refer clients to a blog post or now video.

Recently I just pulled up Outerwear here on the blog. Despite the fact that the widgets may be outdated, there is valuable info on choosing down or synthetic fill. Shapewear was another topic that requires more explanation and examples. Now I have a post I can send off to someone who has questions on that topic.

Just like when I started my blog, it is super helpful for me if you actually SUBSCRIBE and share with your friends to subscribe. Subscribing simply means a notice to your email when there is a new video. At this point I’m able to do 2 new videos a month. Coming up… dressing for the holidays, shoe/boot care, outerwear & handbags. These topics are always subject to change because many times my topics are based on questions I receive. 

Picking up where I left off on fall trends (more detail are in Videos: Part 1 and Part 2) it is appropriate to discuss what is in/out. Everyone always asks this every season. Frankly, as much as I pay attention to these things, one must take this with a grain of salt! I always encourage you to have fun with fashion and try new things based on your personal style traits, but don’t overthink the trends. Wear what you love, but do observe and pay attention to what women are wearing.

I actually waited to write this until this point in the season because what I was reading from other bloggers surprised me. I wanted to do more observing.

First let’s keep these things in mind: 

  1. Stores base the buying on what their customers are wearing and what sells, not necessarily what is cutting edge fashion.
  2. You will see universal styles in boutiques and larger department stores throughout the country, but there will be a lot of variety based on region and customer demographic. 

Here are some examples. Recently I was at a store in Idaho. In the section of Paige denim I didn’t see one straight or boot-cut style. There were all skinnies. Likely this is what their customers are asking for and buying.

Have you ever walked into a store and thought it was “too young”? The store is probably trying to draw in a younger crowd and displaying trendy styles up front. Most (not all) stores want styles that cross the age groups. The displays may favor a young trend, but likely you’ll be able to find a variety of styles that you’ll be able to make your own. I always say, there are many styles that can be worn by both a 30 year old and 60 year old. A topic for another time.

How do you know if a trend is going to stick for several years? It’s hard to know for sure which is why I suggest trying one piece that is inexpensive and wait it out to see what happens the following year.

Here is a summary of what is on the way out according to other experts who blog or have a presence on social media.

  1. Puffer vests. 
  2. Animal prints
  3. Camo print
  4. Colored Denim
  5. Long Necklaces

Fashion we’ve seen phasing out since 2017ish: Tunic tops and scarves. (Keep reading for my take on that)

PUFFER VESTS: I was surprised to read this one. I love my Patagonia vest and have mentioned here and there I felt like it was my casual uniform last year when I was moving. The blogger who wrote it has now retracted a little, and showed an updated version. I DON’T THINK PUFFER VESTS ARE OUT. I see them everywhere and would love another one. I feel like they have changed styles a bit and seem a little “puffier” almost more “coat-like”!

This was taken last year right after receiving the key to our new house (that’s what I’m holding) You can see my husband likes vests too!
Green Vest//Neutral Vest// Blue Vest//

ANIMAL/CAMO PRINTS: I was stumped at this one. I read this in two different places–animal prints are getting a bit tired. Keep to shoes and accessories with your animal prints. Replace them with zebra and tiger print. Hmmm… I’m going to disagree here. I suppose it’s because I love animal prints. I have put certain jackets away and brought them back. I still think it’s a classic print, but agree that wearing in small doses changes it up, and keeps you from getting tired of it. As for Camo print, I still see that too, but definitely less. I have a jacket I love. I put it away for a season and will decide next year, but have a camo tee I still really like and plan to wear with another jacket.

COLORED DENIM: I tend to agree that you don’t see racks of various colors, yet the dark jewel tones seem to still be out there–Dark green, burgundy, deep plum etc. I also see warmer shades of brown. Kut from the Kloth has had this pair of cords in different colors for years.

LONG PENDANT NECKLACES: We are definitely seeing more layering of delicates as well as chunky and delicate layers. I really enjoy this type of layering, and if you follow me on social media, I show it frequently. I still like a long necklace, but I find myself not gravitating towards them as much. Perhaps it’s because I’ve worn them so often for years and I’m ready for a change? Below are several different combinations I’ve worn on repeat this past year.

I linked what is available. Look #1: Essential Layered #2 Renegade Crystal// On the Mark Look #3 Pearl Necklace

What about Scarves? What about Tunic tops?

Let’s start with Tunic Tops & Sweaters. While tops started getting shorter about 5 years ago and we started tucking, I still see longer sweaters not tucked. They just aren’t as long and some of the tunic tops and sweaters really do start to look a bit dated. You also don’t have to tuck EVERYTHING. Remember the guidelines of balance and proportion: loose/long on top, choose more streamlined on the bottom. Balance a fuller wider bottom with something fitted or with more structure on the top, Remember the Rule of Thirds and don’t “cut yourself in half” with your untucked tops.

Scarves: I have received so many questions about scarves. Starting in about 2017 we saw less tunic tops/sweaters with the light weight “filmy fabric” fashion scarves. I dug an old photo from the archives to show you. (old phones mean poor quality photos but you get the idea)

It was honestly one of my favorite outfits. It’s hard to see, but that scarf had that exact shade of my top/sweater. I remember telling clients to pull out the least dominant color in their scarf. Still use that styling rule today with other combinations. I was really stuck on the tunic top/shorter cardigan look for quite a while! ( I wouldn’t do this anymore by the way!)

2017 was also that year when the owner/buyer of the boutique where I worked declared: “SCARVES are OUT!” when any woman asked. I thought this was a little extreme, but they just weren’t at market like they had been in years past. And this was evident in stores as well. We saw shorter scarves worn differently. We saw silk like fabrics with overall new looks. I tried this look with a Cabi scarf in 2018.

I covered the scarf topic in depth in one of my Style Society trainings because one of our members was going to Europe and she was told “everyone is wearing scarves!” I did my research and even tried to give a little history of the scarf in the past 15 years. In summary, I’d say get rid of your Infinity scarves or wear them with a coat. The long tunic sweater with this type of scarf looks dated.

Like many of you reading, I grew tired of wearing scarves and when I wasn’t seeing them as much, I stopped wearing them. However, I will almost always have a scarf with a coat, I wear them as a wrap, and I do enjoy them as a belt, or tying differently around the neck as seen in photos above. From what I’m reading, I think we will be following Europe and scarves will be more prevalent.

I hope this has been helpful! Please let me know in the comments as I love hearing from you.

I’m working diligently ideas for dressing for the holidays so stay tuned here and on You Tube!

As always, thanks for reading and for your support.