Fall Trends for 2022: Jackets & Denim

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It’s that time of year where I’ll dig in with a new series as we approach the new season! We are definitely seeing some fashion shifts, but you’ll still be able to wear many pieces from years past. Stick with me and I’m going to show you how to do it.

As you may have noticed, I blog in series and seasons now. The Anniversary Sale is a big focus because so many of you are former customers. If you’re not into the sale, just scroll on by, delete and know there is another topic coming your way! Recently, I also have stepped up my You Tube channel. I sure would love it if you would hit the subscribe button while you are there! You’ll receive a notification in your email when a new one has published. Here’s why I’m doing both:

There are some topics that really lend themselves to a blog post vs. video. There are other topics that just work so much better with video because I can show better visuals, details and movement. My shape wear post was perfect for the blog because you needed numerous sources to refer to, and it’s a post that will hold though a few years. Remember you can search topics here for your convenience!

My FIRST VIDEO about Denim jackets was perfect for that platform. I can show you lots of photos and create a widget of denim jackets in a blog post, but the video took it further. If you click on the notes underneath the video you will see all the links. Fall trends is a topic that lends itself to both so you’ll be seeing posts and a video which is coming soon.

Let’s get started on what we are seeing for fall! Not every trend is for every woman. I note that as I go along, and I’m very honest about what I think you might try or leave behind. In the end, we are all different and love different styles. Some of us love to try new things and others prefer to sit back, watch and wait.

Colors that stand out? Any shade of green seems to be very prevalent but generally just the typical fall colors are all out there. Rich shades of brown are everywhere and am also seeing more red!

Bootcut and Flared Denim.

I prefer Bootcut because of the leg opening. Most flare styles have an opening of 20 + inches. That just seems too much on my 5’4 frame. In contrast, I see taller women completely rock the flare styles especially with heels. I prefer a 17-18 inch opening for bootcut. In the end, the silhouette is similar and overall very flattering on most every body type.

My advice: Add 1-2 pairs of bootcut this fall in a couple different washes or even black. Here is a widget with both styles and many price points. Overall, I’m seeing a big price jump in denim. I have a hard time going over $200 so that is reflected in my choices here.

I’ve covered straight and skinny styles so much in the past, but to review, go for a SLIM STRAIGHT with leg openings of about 12-14 inches. I like 13 inches personally. This is an easy way to transition from skinny. See below for an idea of how to wear your skinny jeans and keep them looking current.


The sky is the limit with jackets. We are seeing a little bit of everything, but overall you are going to see longer more oversized looks. I started showing this in the spring and this trend continues. You’ll see some that looked like they stepped out of a thrift store from the 90s and then others that seem very wearable –at least to me because I have a harder time going back to something that just totally epitomizes a certain decade. I need a twist on it to make me love it.

The 1 State blazer from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of my favorite purchases. Check HERE for more oversized, longer styles.
This solid style from 1.State is a winner

I am often asked about shorter blazers. Some of them look dated to me but I really judge that on an individual basis. Recently I worked with two of my Style Society members on their jackets–how to wear, how to pair, and their biggest question was current styles.

Here’s a tip for a shorter jacket you still love which might be on the edge of looking dated. Pair with bootcut or flared denim and an updated shoe. By the same token, if you have pairs of skinny jeans you still want to wear, make sure to pair them with a current style like an oversized blazer. I’m not against keeping some pairs. I will be! I’ll be wearing them with longer sweaters, blazers and my over the knee boots. I’ll be wearing them with sneakers for casual looks, my Ugg boots (because they tuck in nicely) and probably wearing until I don’t seem them in stores or on anyone else. Yet, I’m mixing it up with other styles and that is what is important to do when we see this big of a shift.


With the tucking and partial tucking trend being more popular the last several years, belts are back! I have had to remind clients lately to add a few. We’ve certainly gone through streaks in the last couple few decades. We’ve gone from tucking everything into our high waisted pleated and belted pants, to wearing belts at the waist over cardigans or hung lower and looser over sweaters and tops and of course trying to wear some to keep those lower rise jeans in place! Cabi does such a great job with their belts, I buy one almost every season. I am so happy belts are back. They add so much interest–color, pattern and texture. I especially steer clients in the direction of texture or print when they are not a fan of prints on top. But if you’re not into belts for that reason, just have a black and brown one which will complete your outfits now when tucking. You’ll see a few belts in all the photos in this post. Here is an affordable black option from Nordstrom Rack and there are many choices there in other styles and colors.

Next up: Trends in Shoes and Boots