#nsale Wrap-up/Key Details

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As they say, it’s a wrap! But wait, the sale actually goes for two more weeks as it opens to non- card holders today! This is my last post and if you’ve shopped the sale I encourage you to read this for a few important details you may have missed.

  • If you forgot to activate a double points day, call customers service (number on your card) and they should be able to go back and activate on the day you did most of your purchases. Be sure and ask how many days you have left. You will see this when you check out, but many customers miss it.
  • What if one of the items you ordered was CANCELED? The easiest way to keep track is to jot down the item numbers (found in your purchase history) and then pop them into the search box. If something sold out that you WANTED scroll to the bottom to find the item numbers. (see photos below) This saves SO much time. Remember to save my link with your list. For example, I use the notes section in my phone frequently. Save my link and your item numbers. You can click the link, do your item search quickly and easily! COPY THIS LINK
  • I also included a screen shot to show you how to get to everything you need in your account. Did you know that you can click on the details in purchases and do a price adjustment and return? You can add/delete shipping addresses and SET THE STORE for pick up or shipping.

This is one of the most valuable pieces of info when you are online shopping. Note item # below.

Thank you to everyone who did shop my links (yes, I’m sure you did it correctly!) I also want to say a big thanks to those clients who shopped with me online or in store because it helps me really get through the product and see it differently. You can still shop all the widgets in the SHOP page.

What more could I possibly write about? I decided to do one a couple more widgets with my favorite accessories, home products and the Men’s Department. I only included a couple of costume jewelry pieces but again note the brands. If you like the finer jewelry you cannot go wrong with anything BONY LEVY. (I have 3 stacking diamond rings I wear every day) and Monica Vinader. The reductions on these brands come once a year.

I chose the widget items based on what I own or have been popular among customers. Sometimes I throw some new things in I’ve heard about. THIS TIME I’VE CREATED CAPTIONS FOR THE ITEMS I KNOW WELL AND WANTED TO HIGHLIGHT. SIMPLY HOVER OVER THE ITEM AND YOU’LL SEE WHAT I WROTE.

The Men’s Department:

My husband and two boys are not the typical guys who hate shopping. They actually REALLY like it. All three of them have great taste and did they ever love it when I had the employee discount at Nordstrom!

I actually sold a fair amount of men’s clothes when I worked at Nordstrom. At first it was a bit of a learning curve with the product and fit, but I grew to really enjoy it. Perhaps you won’t be drawn to anything in this widget, but I encourage you to note the brands I’ve chosen because they are tried and true along with some new and current brands that cross the age groups. AG and Paige Jeans (yes they make men’s too) are two top brands. My husband has been a fan of the AG twill pants for years, but now is drawn to Paige denim. My older son is also a fan of Paige whereas my younger son loves everything about AG denim. See what I mean about crossing the age groups?

What Did I Purchase?

And then it gets to the popular question every year… What did I buy? Fortunately I could purchase online Wednesday night. I have to say, the change of 12 am EST was really nice for us on the west coast. Most of my items were available in a local store so I picked those up on Saturday. I also received several boxes wile I was away for the weekend. Things came quickly this year! I created a widget of the items I chose. A couple were sold out and it wouldn’t let me put them in.

I’ve made my first return and this is what I’m keeping for now. I like everything and it all fits, but now I’ll wait until fall and then some more may go back.

That’s it for the #nsale 2022. THANK YOU for reading!