Facials are a Key to Healthy Skincare

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I hope you like the new look of my Style by Karen home page. It’s just a minor “facelift” this time. I still have a few things to work on, but that will all come slowly as I get back into the swing of blogging again.

I had this post all prepared in June, but as I wrote back in July, life took quite a different turn with my husband’s illness, and it was tabled until now.


There are umpteen articles out there on the benefits of facials and if they are really necessary. I weeded through some lengthy reading that can get a little technical. From what I’ve read, and my own experience I basically can sum it up like this.

  1. Facials give you the expertise of an esthetician who is trained to help you pinpoint any questions or concerns. She can target build-up, dry sections on your face–areas you may need to pay a little more attention to in your routine. If you need extractions, it’s going to be done safely. When I have a facial, I always enjoyed asking for tips so I can learn more ways to care for my skin at home.
  2. Facials focus on deeper exfoliation that most of us can’t or don’t do at home. Opening up the pores that may have been clogged, removes dead skin cells will keep your skin healthy. The face has many pressure points connected to the rest of your body and when massaged promotes blood circulation, relaxation and reduces stress. The bottom line is it’s just downright relaxing AND good for you!
  3. Let’s say you don’t have acne, hyper pigmentation or other skin issues, it’s still advantageous to schedule a facial. Think of it like a yearly check-up for your skin. Your skin is the largest organ, so it’s one we don’t want to neglect.


Let’s talk a little bit about exfoliation. When I introduce women to the EVER skincare I’ve grown to love the last 3 years, I always tell a story about years ago when I really didn’t understand what exfoliation was.

Esthetician: Do you exfoliate at least once a week?

Me: Uhh… sure. (not really knowing what she meant) Totally true story.

Now I understand one of the biggest reasons to exfoliate is to help your skin with absorbtion. If you are NOT removing the dead skin cells regularly (1-3 x a week) all the fancy serums and moisturizers aren’t being absorbed into the skin. It’s like they are sitting on top of the skins’ surface because they can’t permeate into the deeper layers to start working their magic. Get the most out of your products and exfoliate regularly!

In June, my cousin Kristi came to help me pack before our move. One of my thank you gifts to her was a facial. We headed to Portland to visit the lovely Kelli Thomsen, esthetician and makeup artist extraordinaire who gave us the royal treatment. She had just opened her new salon in the Pearl District of Portland. It was such a treat for both of us!

Kristi was very excited to experience a facial for the first time. (I chose the makeup session which I’ll highlight in another post.) When I asked her impressions of her first facial, she said it was such a relaxing experience and it felt amazing to be pampered like this.  She said her skin had never felt that soft and that wonderful feeling lingered in the days following. Kelli was also so complimentary of her skin and I remember her commenting many times on her beautiful skin!


kelli Thomsen beauty

It’s easy to put the facial on the back burner. In the summer, pedicures are important. If you get your nails done regularly, it seems like just an extra service you don’t need. For many, massages take precedence. But your skin needs regular attention too!

DON’T DELAY: Schedule a facial with Kelli!

For your convenience you may book online.

Kelli is offering my readers a special rate. Be sure to tell her that you are a Style by Karen subscriber when you are at the salon and she will honor the following prices: 

 1. Microdermabrasion facial for $60 ( regular price $80)

 2. Makeup lesson: $75 (regular price $100)

(Kelli uses EVER skincare and Epionce products)

Even before I started promoting EVER skincare products, I was frequently asked about my skin. I wish

Karen’s 5 Tips to Great Looking Skin:

  1. Wash your face! Do it earlier in the evening before you are so tired you want to fall into bed. I know it is hard when you are exhausted.
  2. Use your products! I hear so frequently–I don’t have time, I don’t want all the steps or I just don’t get around to using them.
  3. Protect your face from the sun!
  4. Pay extra special attention to the sensitive eye area. For years I wore hard contact lenses and when I would take them out at night, I’d rub my eyes like there was no tomorrow. I feel like this really damaged the area under my eyes.  I knew better, but it just felt so good at the time.
  5. Get regular facials!

If you would like to try EVER skincare samples, CONTACT me for a week’s supply! I’ll be happy to send them out.

EVER skincare regimen

Do you schedule a facial regularly?