Adding a Belt to your Outfit: Cabi Style

by | Dec 12, 2020 | Fashion Tips, Fashion trends | 0 comments

Now that I’ve paid close attention to fashion for over a decade, it always amazes me how styles are so cyclical! This is the case with embellished belts or any belts for that matter. When tops got shorter and the partial tuck became a thing, belts came back in a big way. They really didn’t leave because with lower rise pants we often needed a belt to keep our pants from slipping down. The Invisibelt, the Hipsi belt or other flat belts helped avoid the bulk with our longer tops.

I look at my own photos and can’t quite believe how rises of denim, wearing belts, tucking/not tucking have changed in ten years.

I’m trying to find photos of when I wore similar belts. Unfortunately most of my old photos are on another computer, but I came across this one one from 2008 in my Facebook profile. I had just joined Facebook at that point, and I was definitely tucking some things. Denim was much more of a mid-lower rise then. I laughed seeing this because it’s a really similar belt to the one I bought this fall from Cabi. But I was much thinner in this photo, so keeping it wouldn’t have been a good choice! Oh my, the kids are so young here!

I haven’t had a chance to do my typical Cabi post this season. Better later than never. You can still purchase these pieces from my consultant Tanya or anyone you may work with. The deadline is December 31. You even have a chance to win one of my Half Price Coupons over on my Facebook Group.

I actually prefer a higher waisted jean but this photo really accentuates it! I love this black velvet top. It is by Vince Camuto and is extremely comfortable. Size down one. I just wish it wasn’t black! I have another one coming from Amazon and we will see which one I like better. Velvet tops elevate an outfit without making you seem overdressed. I’m a big fan. Note the lighter denim with a bit of distressing to contrast the black. The silver Sparkle Belt and jewelry brightens the outfit considerably as well. Love this belt!
Seismic Top//Twisted Hoop Earrings//Renegade Necklace//Julia coin Necklace //Stud Belt//Camera bag in navy.
(back ordered until February and you are not charged until then)
Aberdeen Shirt//Belfry blouse//Baguette Blitz Earrings
Because the Aberdeen is darker (Ink blue/black) I added the Shaggy Jewel Bracelet. It is really beautiful in person and adds so much sparkle. I couldn’t get the light correct for the photo on the right, but wanted to show it tucked with the Stud belt again.
The Camo leggings (with pocket) were the season’s best seller. I wear them a lot–shown here with a Caslon Sweater (available in many colors. This is a very comfortable and affordable sweater. I liked it, but I don’t want gray! LOL//Ugg Slippers.
The Camo leggings shown with a completely different look. The Blondo Boots are almost gone. I bought them at the Anniversary Sale. But click on them to get the idea of the lower heel, and streamline style to keep in mind if this is something you’d like to add.

I used these two photos for an Instagram post. I’ve been doing a week of “Glam it Up at Home”. I’m taking casual outfits and adding accessories. I wanted to show more neutrals. While I’m drawn to color, so many women prefer neutrals. After examining and editing the photos, the first thing I notice is the delicate rose gold jewelry I chose doesn’t show up AT ALL. I’m going to re-do this photo for that post because it doesn’t really convey my theme of glamming it up with accessories! Yet I wanted to show the leggings for this blog post so I went with it. Photos tell us so much! It’s one of the reasons I say to always take a photo of yourself if you’re trying to figure out how to improve an outfit, or to evaluate before a significant event.

The photo also makes me realize that I while I like black or gray with camo, I personally want something different. Either more jewelry or dark red or even orange or gold with the camo print will be more pleasing to my style.

The boots: I’ve never had an over the knee boot! The ones I’ve looked at over the years have never been right. Too high of a heel, too edgy for my style, too trendy or maybe not right for someone who is almost 60. I’m not really sure. When I saw these I knew they were what I was looking for with leggings or a dress. I don’t like the look of some of my tall older boots with a dress because they seem too short. I’ll address that in a future post.

What is your favorite piece from Cabi this season?