Perfume Dilemma

by | Dec 21, 2009 | Beauty Tips, Cosmetics | 8 comments

Thanks to everyone who participated in my first Giveaway. Congratulations to Annette, winner of the pedicure from “Nails by Kimberly”!

I’m not much of a perfume person. There, I said it! I’m sure many women will find this very hard to believe. I don’t have any allergies or strong aversions to perfume. I love it when I smell a really nice fragance on someone else, but when it’s on me I feel like it is strong and overpowering.

Typically I like a perfume with a light and fresh scent. Unfortunately those type of perfumes seem to last about 5 minutes. The women behind the cosmetic counters have advised using it with the accompanying shower gel or lotion. That works–sometimes.

Perfume is a very personal thing. I don’t recommend giving it for a gift unless the request is specific. My husband has given up on perfume gifts for me. What he enjoys smelling and I enjoy wearing are two VERY different things. One year he guided my two boys to purchase perfume for my Christmas gift. They spent a great deal of time looking and smelling, but sadly the choice was just not me. I felt bad. I tried to wear it numerous times. The bottle had a unique shape; they would know if I exchanged it. My son noticed one time that not much was used…So goes my love/hate relationship with perfume.

I’ve learned to ask for small vial as a sample rather than purchase a whole bottle. (also very convenient for travel) Somehow, the way perfume smells on a small card can be very different than wearing it. After a while they all the smell the same in the store despite a whiff of coffee beans. This time of year the stores are happy to give out samples. Gift sets often include small bottles and the lotion/shower gel options. I love the small Versace bottle shown in the photo. As I explained my tastes to yet another sales person at Nordstrom, she  suggested the brand new Bvlgari supposedly with a longer lasting formula. I liked it in the store. We’ll see how I do with this new scent. Do you have a favorite scent you buy again and again or do you try new fragrances as they come out? I would love to hear if you have a perfume dilemma.