#Nsale: What’s Good & What’s Left!

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends August 6th at midnight. If you’ve been away or just not had time to even look at it, there are still 10 days left. That is unbelievable to me, but then I remember as an employee we referred to this event as a marathon!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was not able to put the time into the sale as I had done in the past with family visiting. I apologize if that was a disappointment for those of you that like to follow it closely. Every day was full, and when I sat down at night I was exhausted! I have so many photos, but picked a few of my favorites. They don’t really show all the activities, but if you follow me on social media you will see more soon! Let me tell you, Ruby Jo my 17 month old grand daughter is a busy one! She kept us hopping and we loved it.

Despite my fatigue, I honestly still had good intentions. I’d pull up the website to start putting together a widget of a category only to find so many things sold out. Then I thought I’d do a video of what I bought. I ordered very quickly on the night of the 11th. It’s amazing how fast you can spend money when I had things previewed. LOL! I bought twice as much with the intent of showing. Because I was able to order so early, I picked up at a local Nordstrom Rack a couple of days later. (one of the best improvements in recent years) However, so many of my choices sold out. In the end, I kept only a few things. That doesn’t mean the sale wasn’t great or that there aren’t still some good things left. That’s what this post is all about. What was good and what is left!

It’s at this point in the sale that returns start coming in. Did any of you have any luck with notifications about your wish list? We were supposed to be notified if something in our list came back in stock. I did not. Here’s a trick I lived by as an employee. Keep the item number handy and type that in the search box to check for your size. Scroll down to item description and you’ll see the item number!

Before we get into some good finds, I wanted to thank you for using my links to order. While I can never see who it is or what it is, the orders definitely came through and I thank you so very much! Some of you asked about exchanges. The best way for me to get credit for exchanges is for you to return and re-order with my link. If you go into the store, the employee helping you will take the credit for the new sale. That is just how it works in commissioned sales.

Every year the BEAUTY category is popular and most things really don’t sell out. Many women stock up on their favorite shampoo, makeup, and beauty tools. It’s a good time to try something new as well! This year they even had the Dyson Hair dryer, which gets rave reviews. The HOME department is another area that doesn’t tend to sell out. I have raved about the Nordstrom towels over the years and mine are still going strong and show little wear. However, the bath sheet size doesn’t seem to be available. The sheets are also not quite the same and last year I was disappointed. This year I’m trying the organic cotton set.

I heard from several of you with some input so here we go with some of my favorites.

SHOES: Let’s start with P448. One reader wrote that she felt they ran small. I reminded her that our feet swell so much in the heat. It was 92 the day she tried them on and remember they do have a break-in period. She agreed this was the issue. I bought this pair and I will try. Or maybe you’d like this one with the gunmetal trim!If the price point is still too high for you, consider using your notes OR check the Nordstrom Rack periodically for this brand. On the sale there is the THEA (higher cut) and the JOHN (lower cut) that I linked above .

Rag & Bone court shoe was another choice I wanted to try. It has an Ortholite insert and they are really comfortable. These DO run small. I went up a half size. I went with gray. The reviews were not great on these, but they could be a keeper for me. I know so many of you are afraid of suede in PNW weather. Don’t be. I have worn so much suede the last ten years and with proper protection and a good suede brush I’ve never had a problem.

I also liked this VINCE boot because of the unique lower heel. Paul Green is such a splurge, but this boot is beautiful. Or this more affordable option by Franco Sarto! I think we are going to see more tall boot options again. I really liked this one by Blondo, but this heel height might be more reasonable for many. I decided to order this one by Matisse and am hopeful for this fit.

Clothing This shacket received some good feedback from clients and it’s similar to the ones I have. With so many sweaters and tops limited in sizes, I did find this one from Madewell.

The Men’s section still has great options. While many AG styles are sold out, consider Paige for Men. They are now my husband’s favorite. He finds them at the Nordstrom Rack too! These AG men’s pants are extremely popular and still available!

Women’s denim has been hit pretty hard–especially some of the popular brands like Mother and Paige. My favorite Wit & Wisdom bootcut are still in stock as is this one from Paige. If you’ve never treated yourself to a Barefoot Dreams cardigan, you need to do so. I lounge around in this in the winter and it’s my favorite.

I’m shocked this jacket is left in so many sizes! AND this waterproof one from Zella! Rails doesn’t always come on the sale and things sold FAST! One of their signature plaid shirts is still available in most sizes. If you don’t care for that color, there are a few plaid options!

Handbags & Accessories.

I thought this bag by All Saints was such a great size & style. Sunglasses are another category that doesn’t really sell out. Oooh, I could have bought several pairs. But I have prescription sunglasses now so it just doesn’t make sense!

Dresses & Coats:

So many I loved are gone, but this dress by Paige I think could be so versatile from pairing with a denim to leather jackets. It could be for many different events. I think my tactic of buying coats and jackets during the sale has caught on. I thought this category was pretty picked over.

    Well if you are #nsale fan, I hope this gives you a little more to look at. I ordered a few more things myself as I was doing this post. I spent several hours going through the site, and will probably do one more run through in the coming days. Stay tuned in my Facebook group as I’ll highlight any great finds there! Remember, prices go up August 7th. And if your items don’t come back in, send me a message and I will do my best to find something similar for you in the coming months.

    Thanks so much for reading!