The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My Best Advice

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It’s that time of year again. You may/may not have noticed that I haven’t written a blog post since last July. Last year was a hard year to get totally involved in the sale because we had family in town for two weeks and it was the Grand Opening of the boutique where I was working. The Nordstrom Sale got put on the back burner.

This year I’ve living in a completely different state. In case you don’t follow me on social media, we moved to Dallas, Texas this past spring. My in-laws moved to the area for a job in 1996, my boys went to college here and they aren’t coming back. Our plan was always to retire here, but a job offer came out of the blue for my husband, and after much indecision, we decided to go. I’m a PNW girl at heart and there are things I will always miss, but being close to the kids and grand kids takes away a lot of the homesick feelings I have for what I left behind.

On to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I hear the same word every year. OVERWHELMED. My goal of this post is to break it down and give my best advice on shopping it smart. My sale posts always bring on unsubscribe notices. I understand that. If you found me through one source or another, keep in mind that many of my readers are former Nordstrom customers or clients I’ve worked with personally in their homes and the #nsale is an important event for them every year. That’s why I spend the time on it. This post is an overview on how to prepare. I will share favorites in stoppable “widgets” over the next days to help you.

Despite the fact that I really don’t need any clothes, I can’t imagine NOT looking at the sale for some of the basics I get every year as well as a few fun things that are greatly reduced. I definitely set a budget so I don’t get carried away. I treat myself to 1-2 things that are normally outside of my price range.

Most of you reading will either be an Ambassador or Influencer so you will shop July 10 or 11. Remember you can actually place your order at midnight EST. My shopping day is the 11th so I’ll be ordering online the night of the 10th.

The Online Preview they added a few years back is so helpful! It gives you time to evaluate and think. Most of us are in the middle of enjoying our summer clothes. Fall clothes may be out of reach. It’s hard to remember what you have and get excited about wool and cashmere. The sale has definitely trended towards WEAR NOW items in the last years so keep the in mind too. This is my plan of attack.

I start looking at the basic essentials that need to be replaced. This year it’s pajamas, sports bras, and some exercise wear. I click on the ANNIVERSARY SALE highlighted area and select CLOTHING. There are 1833 items so now I fine-tune the search by choosing one of the categories listed above all the items. I find sleepwear and select several pajama sets and put in my wish list to weed out later. I do the same thing with activewear, lingerie etc.

Now it’s time to think about a category that has some of the best savings and I’m going to pick Shoes/Boots. Make sure to always go back to the highlighted Anniversary Sale on the left side of your screen. Then pick your category Scrolling through allows me to see patterns of new trends. I pop a couple choices in my list to evaluate later. This is also an easy category for many of you to start with because you don’t have to think about evaluating your clothes.

Next I’m going to head to Coats and jackets These are broken down into 2 separate categories which is great. I don’t need any coats this year but I LOVE them so I’ll be picking my favorites for you. I can’t resist a good jacket and I already have an off white leather bomber chosen. If your winter clothes are not accessible, it’s much easier to remember your coats and jackets which is why I put this towards the top of the list. Always nice savings in this category for sure.

Denim. I have so many jeans but I justify it because I wore them nearly every day. Life has changed in Texas at least presently, but I did peek. Everyone is talking about Mother brand, and when I’ve tried them before they didn’t work on me, but I’m willing to give it another whirl. (I still have a hard time paying $179 on sale)The price reductions on denim are significant. I have plenty of Paige, so I’ll try another style of Wit & Wisdom too because they are affordable and fit me well.

Tops & Sweaters Of course I’m going to look to spot anything very unique. Otherwise I will pass on this category. I have found that it is easy to buy things similar to what you have because we forget. Keep this in mind for next year. Take a photo of your sweaters/tops in the solid colors (you aren’t likely to buy the very same print) so you don’t duplicate. By the same token, when putting things away for the season, note what is looking worn and may need to be replaced. Then you have a list to refer to come Anniversary Sale time.

Dresses: Be sure and check this out if you wear dresses for work or have a special occasion coming up in the fall. I thought there were some good ones this year where as many years this category does not excite me.

Accessories: It’s fun to treat yourself to a new handbag or piece of jewelry. Personally, this is my last priority because of what I have and typically it doesn’t sell out as quickly.

Activewear, lingerie and beauty items are always popular too so be sure and check them out.


    I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Your best selection will be ONLINE. I know that some of you do not like to shop this way, but the selection will be so much better than in stores. Buy 2 sizes if you aren’t sure.

    If a favorite sells out, don’t panic. Go to the app and put it in your wish list. You are supposed to get notified when it comes back in stock. Things always get returned so stay patient.

    I will adding a 2-3 category widgets each day in the upcoming posts. I always appreciate you shopping my links. I’m often asked if I received credit. I can’t see names, only dates of orders. The best way to make sure I get credit is to click one of my links BEFORE you go to the site. As you chop and choose, I will receive credit even if it’s NOT one of the things I recommended. The KEY is clicking MY link to bring you into the site. Every time you go back in, it’s important to click one of my links. The posts will be full of them. Thank you!

    Here are my choices for Shoes/Boots. I’ve tried to include captions for each item to help you. I’ve selected different price points and variety of brands. If you are not familiar with the widget, be sure to hover over the image to see all the info. Each image is a clickable link and brings you right to the site. Keep in mind that most items come in several colors and the one pictured is just one of the choices.

    Thanks so much for reading and shopping. Send any questions may way!