How to Find Flattering Shorts for Summer

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Shopping Tips | 2 comments

Now that summer is officially just a week away, it’s time to find some flattering shorts for the summer months for those of you that enjoy wearing them. I still meet many women who prefer a summer dress and that is great too. I’m in that camp. In fact I had to dig and go back to 2018 to find a photo of myself in shorts. I’m not really sure why. My legs (from the mid-thigh down) are one of my assets. Yet so many shorts are that mid-thigh and when I sit it’s not the look I’m after! And the Bermuda style short make my legs look so short unless I’m in a higher heel and that isn’t what I want necessarily either. So I resort to dresses primarily. In this photo I’m wearing the “Wit and Wisdom” brand that is linked in the widget below. They are super comfortable with the built in “Ab solution” in the waist band. And they are the perfect link to me. This style come in several colors.

The question about shorts comes from a reader so I dug into the research to find a good variety that would appeal to many of you. As I was researching, I remembered the old Nair commercial. “Who Wears Short Shorts?” Sure enough, there it was on You tube. I thought sure it was a 70s commercial but this one was 1985. It made me laugh and hope it brings a smile to you as well.

In my Facebook group I did a poll and the taste in shorts really varies from shorter “cut-offs” to shorts to Bermuda. The short cut off is really on trend right now, but if that doesn’t work with your body type, there are lots of other options. Remember to use your tape measure before you shop. Find your “sweet spot”. Where do you want the shorts to hit on your leg? Once you have the measurement compare with the inseam in the item description. Remember the inseam is the measurement from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg opening.

Spanx has a style of short you may be interested in. They are sold out on the Nordstrom website so I found them on the Spanx site. I also linked some casual shorts. My favorite brands beyond Wit & Wisdom are KUT, Liverpool and NYDJ and many styles come in extended sizes. . I hope you find something that will work well for you.