Why a “Third Piece” is an Integral part of your Wardrobe

by | May 14, 2021 | Shopping Tips | 0 comments

This week I’ve been discussing the Third Piece on social media and why it’s an integral component to pull an outfit together. I’ve also dubbed it a “Woman’s Best Friend” because it hides the most common flaws women talk about.

How you choose a third piece will depend on your personal style, how much structure you like and COMFORT is probably one of the biggest considerations. You will likely favor Jackets or open front sweaters. I favor jackets, although I really like both and during the pandemic I wore way more sweaters. Some of you, based on body type, will like shorter styles, others will like longer or you may be like me. Again, I like both.

Like shoes, this is an easy category to add without putting together a whole outfit. Third pieces are often neutral and go with many things already in your closet. I included Jackets, Sweaters and Kimonos which I mention in the video. Such a great addition if you live in a warm climate and can even double as a swimsuit cover up! I also included some things that are multi-seasonal in some areas with cooler evenings (remember having something to throw over your shoulders can be part of your completed look) but obviously some of the fabric content won’t work for everyone this time of year. Make sure to read the descriptions very carefully for fabric content.

If you are partial to jackets I’d make sure you have a good neutral blazer or two, a denim jacket, a utility jacket. If you favor sweaters, I encourage you to give a comfortable jacket with soft, stretchy fabric a try. It will add a little For longer cardigans remember to find what your “sweet spot” is. Three-quarter length is going to be the best choice and flattering on most body types. The Halogen light weight one for $69 is a good buy.

I hope you will find some great choices below. Please leave a comment and let me know what you like when it comes to a “third piece”!