Holiday Outfit Formulas

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While I’m sure we are all going to be getting out a little more for the holidays compared to last year, I think casual get-togethers at home with family and friends will be popular again this year.

I have created several formulas you can incorporate with your holiday outfits and I’ll be sharing these in a two-part series. You can level up an outfit by adding cashmere, sequins, leather, velvet, coated denim, fur or a little shimmer. Or you can pull something from your “wear to work” wardrobe and change up the components you typically pair and create a whole new look.

First let’s start with the sequin formula because these tops sell fast.

What can I say–I’m a fan of sequins! The tops now are not heavy or scratchy and are amazingly comfortable. I realize it may not be your style. You may feel too over the top with sequins at a casual party at home. If you are drawn to them, go fo it! Wear them at home. Below I showed warm and cool options. This top sold immediately after I had the photos completed. If you click on the sequin link below it will take you to a “widget” of other tops–some with just a little sparkle.

Speaking of the widgets that I create. I always try to include items that are fully stocked in most sizes. If you are reading this post even a few days after I create the widget, the inventory could change. If you click on one of my links and choose another item, I still receive the credit and I am always grateful. Thank you!

Bracelets|Droplet Earrings|Starstruck Earrings|Shoes|Boot cut Denim|Bag|Sequin Tops|
I didn’t keep the gold or silver tops above although I did like them. This is last year’s version in the champagne color which I did not really have a chance to wear. It will be fun to get it out and wear it this year. Evereve has a really similar one in the link.

Sequins just not your thing? I created another widget with some different tops you might like.

Next up is a formula with cashmere. If you are a jeans and sweater girl you can elevate an outfit so easily with just a few additions. It doesn’t have to be cashmere either. You just can’t go wrong with a soft sweater in a pretty shade for the holidays.

Crystal Stretch Bracelets|Ombre Bracelets|Sparkle Studs|Figaro Necklace|Smooth Lip|Boots|Bag|Cashmere sweaters widget|

Here is a simple V-neck sweater shown with many of the pieces of jewelry linked earlier in the post. The first photo also features the Starstruck necklaces which add so much fun sparkle to a neutral outfit. If I’m going cashmere, I’m almost always going to go for a bright color. But I know how many of you reading favor neutrals. I try to mix it up for you!

Change up this formula and add a different shoe–a mule, loafer or sneaker. There are dozens of sources of cashmere. There has also been a great deal written about the type of cashmere. At one time I had researched all of this (2-ply, 3-ply etc.) but in the end I just love the Nordstrom cashmere sweater I linked. I have also liked the Halogen styles now available at the Rack (also in the widget ) They wear well and I’m going on four years with a few of mine.

Recently I found a new source for cashmere and it’s a good one! Quince has impressive prices without sacrificing the quality. I linked a referral code for you to get money off your first order. I’ll be telling you all about Quince in tomorrow night’s Facebook Live. If you are not part of my group you can join HERE

More outfits for the holidays coming up in Part 2! What do you think you’ll gravitate to for the holidays this year?