Cabi’s Fall Line is Here

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Fashion trends | 2 comments

I was really fortunate to attend the local Cabi conference here in Portland this past weekend. Their annual “Scoop” had a different look this year. Due to the venue in Washington DC overbooking, there was not enough room for all their consultants. They streamed it from DC to smaller venues all over the country. We were at the Grand Hotel in Tualatin. So for a few hours I was a Cabi girl. Everyone has always asked why I didn’t sell Cabi, but the timing just was never right, and I love the flexibility I have to do various things now. But I love the clothes.

Cabi conference

The fall line did not disappoint. Just loved what I saw. Here is the process I go through when a new line comes out. First I look at everything online, in the catalog and mark my favorites. (Don’t forget to download the Cabi Tap app so you can see how to wear the new things. AND if you have been a customer and purchased past seasons you will be able to see your previous purchases and how they coordinate with the new line. )

Then I go to my consultant’s house and try on. Fortunately, this process eliminates many pieces because I can’t have it all! All the pieces are designed for different body types and styles and that helps me eliminate.

This year my consultant Tanya and I are hoping to do a buying guide for you. My goal is to give an overview of each item including fit, unique details and how to wear it.

Here are a few highlights from Saturday.

Cabi Fall line selections

Cabi Fall line selections

Heading to the website, I wanted to point out a few early favorites. This year I especially loved that a couple of the tops have a coordinating tank/cami for pieces that are sheer. I love this. I grow tired of always having the stretch tank underneath tops although I have a drawer full of them!

The Weaver Blouse and Flutter Blouse are two that have the removable tanks that can be worn alone as well. The Flutter blouse for sure is like two tops in one.

I love the Cabi Notion magazine as it gives so many more ideas than the catalog.

Cabi is known to pay attention to detail and add some interesting features. Cowl sweater has this great ruching on the sleeves. The gray cardigan has pearl buttons but actually has snap closure

Cabi Cowl pullover in dark green

Cowl Pullover

Cabi Cultural cardigan and Cunningham shirt

Cabi Cultural cardigan and Cunningham shirt

Step Up Pullover and Boss skirt

This is just a small taste! I look forward to showing many more things later in August.