Wardrobe Series #5: Shoes and Boots

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Fashion Tips, Fashion trends | 1 comment

If you are new here, WELCOME! If you have signed up for the Workshop: Learn Your Style from the Inside Out,” you were automatically added to this group because of how the list was set up. It wasn’t exactly intentional, but I’m glad you’re here because the Wardrobe Series sets the tone perfectly as we go into the workshop on Monday. (check the archives on the home page of the blog for previous posts)

For the workshop, watch your email as I’ve sent the workbook and the link to join the Facebook group or simply click HERE if you haven’t joined. Remember, it has been a little challenging for blog subscribers to register. Send me a note HERE , give me permission and I’ll add you. Then you’ll get all the info for the replays if you can’t make it LIVE.

Shoes & Boots

Shoes always fit! That’s what they say about shoes and handbags. It is one of the reasons women love to buy both. If you have a “hard to fit foot” you may not completely agree. Shoes can be a challenge if you have a wide or narrow foot, wear orthotics, have a high arches, bunions, nerve damage etc. I’m one of those women who struggles. Yet I’ve learned what to look for over the years. I now have plenty of options to choose from and know those comfort brands inside and out!

Once again the video highlights all the categories of shoes and boots. This may seem so basic, but it is really important as you make the choices for what works for YOU! Day 2 of the workshop delves into choosing your pieces based on what is discovered about your style & personality traits. So far we have covered Tops, Tees, and “third pieces” (sweaters and jackets)

These are the building blocks –the anchor pieces you need to create the formulas I’ll show you. I did not get to a very important building block : BOTTOMS! I had covered this in the spring with the whole “skinny jeans are out” hype. I should have planned a little more carefully because it’s an anchor piece and I’ll definitely discuss this on Day 2.

In the video, I also touch on the trends in denim with different leg openings, and how to wear which boot with which style. Fast forward to about the 20 minute mark if that interests you. But I’ll be covering it more in depth later!

Tall Boots: Flat or heel The video discusses height of boot which was a FB question. (this comes at about the 7 minute mark)

Booties: There will be a large variety in shaft height going forward, whereas in recent years the focus was on shorter booties.

Pumps with a heel: Stiletto. block , kitten. It’s all out there. Pointed toe, rounded toe, square toe–again we just seem to see it all this year.

Mules: Heel or flat

Ballet Flat: (not covered in video) I don’t own any, but I should have purchased an example. Sadly, it’s one style my foot has never been able to handle.

Loafer: From Classic to Lug sole, you can find it all.

Sneaker: Lace-up or slip on.

These 4 photos are some examples of wearing booties with the taller shaft.

One boot style I forgot to cover was the sock bootie. This one is fitted around the ankle and works well with all the leg openings of denim. I found one pair at the Nordstrom Rack. Speaking of the Rack, I included a lot choices in the widget this time. Things don’t last there, so if you see it, like it, then grab it!

Note: Nordstrom full line stores are doing some great price matching this week. Here is the widget:

See you in the workshop on Facebook Live ( or replay!) I will not be doing a wardrobe series this week, but will pick it up again after the workshop. I will be traveling to Dallas to see my kids October 19-26th. I’m hoping to catch up with two of my clients there. I may work this in with our series. I still plan to cover: Bottoms, (may do denim separately) Dresses, Outerwear and Foundation pieces!

When it comes to shoes and boots are you going to add a different style this year?