Piecing it Together

by | Jul 9, 2010 | Accessories, Layouts | 5 comments

Here it is–your first layout of a complete outfit! I have to admit, this is fun. It brings me back to the days I used to spend playing paper dolls as a little girl. Anyone relate to that? You could layer pieces and create outfits quickly. It also reminds me of playing Barbie dolls. I spent hours changing outfits and always wanting more choices. Then I moved up to a larger “Velvet” doll with blond hair that grew. My sister-in-law made clothes for her, and how I would debate about the patterns and fabrics I wanted. Oh my, I guess all this really did start at an early age for me.

I wanted to create a versatile outfit that could be worn several places: Casual summer party, the movies, work, casual lunch or dinner. I often hear from women: What do I wear to ________?  How do I put something together to go_______? I chose khaki, red and neutral shades of creme and brown as it is a pretty versatile combination. I like the darker shades of khaki. Khaki can be overdone and it can be really unflattering in the wrong shade/style. It can be so BLAH! If you’ve been turned off by khaki, perhaps this is why. 

1. Khaki skirt should sit right below, right at the knee or perhaps just above depending on what is age appropriate or suitable for your height and body type. This basic neutral can be substituted for ankle length pants in the same color. I like skirts. They stand out, are cooler than pants and often more comfortable and flattering.

 2. Red/white striped tank could be belted and worn out if it is not too long on you with a skirt. Could also be tucked in with belt worn around skirt’s waistband. Skirts have higher waistbands and you can get by with tucking in when it’s belted. 

 3. Fly-away cardigan is lighter weight and often cooler than regular style cardigans. If you don’t like bare arms, this is a good choice. 

 4. Accessories: I added a mixture of color and neutrals. Red is bold and you want to be careful about adding too many red accessories. The neutrals just blended well. I would NOT wear all those pieces of jewelry together. Find your focal point–one bold piece with the others more subdued. I gave 3 choices with necklace, earrings and a bracelet. At the bottom of the layout, I added in pieces that could be substituted: 

-higher heel to dress things up a little 

-denim jacket could dress it down 

 -pants if you dislike skirts 

 -white top if stripes aren’t your thing. If you nix the stripes, you could add in another colored accessory.