How to Build an Outerwear Capsule

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One of the first posts I wrote when I brought the blog back was on Outerwear. The article featured the basic categories, as well as my own personal capsule. The Barbour Coat in that post is still one of my all time favorites. Be sure and watch the video on the bottom left margin as it really gives some great details.

Now it’s time to delve a little deeper into the world of coats, jackets, toppers and show some current and fashion forward options in the world of Outerwear!

I’m a big fan of Pinterest. I created a board entitled Outerwear and inside are nine sections: Wool Coats, leather jackets, toppers, denim jackets, utility jackets, rain coats, puffers, novelty jackets and blazers. You can follow my Pinterest boards to get more ideas that I don’t feature on the blog. And I always appreciate if you pin any of my posts or photos!

For this post I wanted to feature some great pieces of outerwear we are seeing in stores now. I think there are more choices of coats than ever! Why is a good coat important? When you are out and about it sets the tone for your look. It’s the first impression. You could have a polished, put together outfit on underneath, but if your coat is sloppy, too big, or worn and faded it negates all the effort you put into an outfit underneath.

I already covered leather jackets. Here are a few pictures of some favorites we found from NorthFace and Barbour. Thanks to my models who chose not to be fully photographed which I totally understand. (Always looking for volunteers by the way!)

I positioned the photos using the dressing room mirrors so you could get a glimpse of what the coat looked like in the back as well.

1. North Face// 2. Barbour// 3. Northface// 4. Northface// 5.Barbour// 6.Barbour//

The Green North Face was one of our favorites, although it looks much greener on the site! Hopefully I found the right one. The other short Northface is reversible and I don’t think we noticed that when trying on. I discovered this on the site and now I want that coat!

It was nice to see Barbour move from some of the traditional styles to the short bomber.

I thought this was the perfect coat for Northwest weather. It is a new label to me. Waterproof and Breathable. You gotta love that combination! Joules Raincoat.

There were other styles too so keep an eye out for that brand.

Joules raincoatJoules raincoat at Nordstrom

And then there is Canada Goose!

Canada Goose Canada Goose at nordstrom

Building a good coat capsule takes some time if you have to start from scratch. I suggest:

All purpose coat with hood. Lighter weight if your climate is more temperate and rainy. A North Face if you live in colder areas. If you have a variety of temperatures you will want both. It’s so great how the puffer coats are less puffy and have more of a sleek, streamlined look!

Next Up: Toppers and Wool Coats

SHOPPING TIP: This is a big weekend for Clearance Sales. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions on what to buy. Remember Black Friday weekend is coming with even bigger savings. Northface and Barbour RARELY go on sale, which is why I covered those first. My next post will feature a shopping collection with all sorts of sale coats.

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