Cardigans:The Long and Short of It

by | Apr 2, 2010 | Fashion Tips, Fashion trends | 1 comment

Cardigans–long and short are a wardrobe staple for me! Simply said, I LOVE cardigans. Solids, patterns, embellished… I have to really be careful not to buy too many. Cardigans are very IN this season and can be found in every store. They are lightweight, easy to pair with a sleeveless top, perfect for packing vs. a jacket, and they provide a little warmth needed in cooler climates or heavily air conditioned rooms. The cardigan can add that extra layer hiding many of the same “inconsistencies” around the middle that a jacket hides. I wear the light weight ones as a top (with a cami underneath). Next to the jacket–it is my “2nd best friend”! It’s time to get rid of those misconceptions and images of the cardigans from days past. I’m certain the photos will help you see cardigans in a new way!

 How to wear a cardigan:

1. Close two buttons under the bust. An open top and bottom creates a natural curve showing off your shape. Pair it with one of the embellished tops shown in my last post and you have a great look. Believe me, women petite to plus sized can wear a cardigan this way. I’ve seen it first hand with clients in the store dressing room. They are always amazed what two buttons can do!

2. Pair with a wide or skinny belt

3. Wear open. It’s nice to have a more fitted or belted top underneath if you choose this version.

Nordstrom had the best variety from long, short, embellished to draping. Anthropologie has the most unique styles. Cardigans are everywhere…The Gap, Target, Kohl’s.

First–the shorter, embellished styles.

Note: you can close the top two buttons if you have a fuller chest, or leave open–still shows some shape. The models in the green (above) orange (below) would have shown more of their shape had a few more buttons been opened.

The cascading, draping styles below hide a lot of flaws. Be sure to choose something that still has some shape or is fitted in the back. I have “sold” view #1 to 3 clients. Very flattering. Too blousy and it will add pounds!

The longer styles cover hips.

The boyfriend cardigan is all over this spring.

Some unique styles from Anthropologie. Note the front/back view of  the gray. I own this one!

Solid, patterns, floral, short, long, belted, buttoned or with long necklaces… Here are some ways to wear them! Cardigans are perfect with a skirt, pants or jeans. Longer styles can look great with leggings and skinny or straight cut jeans.

Do you have cardigans you are not wearing? If you have sweater sets that were popular in years past, get rid of the matching “shell” and find a new way to wear your cardigan!