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Handbags and shoes–two wardrobe categories that appeal to most women. I’ve heard that at times a handbag is a woman’s best accessory because “handbags always fit”. There is a lot of truth to that!

I have written about handbags in the past, but I thought it would be a good topic for another post because I have really changed the size of bag I carry around. Many have told me the same thing.

Before we get into picking the right bag, let’s talk about what styles most women should have in their wardrobe for various occasions.

  1. TOTE: This style is great for travel and holds the laptop, I-pad and smaller bag if necessary. I’m a big fan of a larger tote and keeping a smaller cross body inside. It’s so easy to grab. I keep a tote packed at all times so I can slip in what I need for my networking meetings including my cross-body bag with the basics.
  2. MID-SIZE to larger handbag is in everyone’s closet and probably several depending on how much of a handbag lover you are.
  3. CLUTCH: Most women don’t have use this type of bag on a regular everyday basis, but the style is perfect for a night out or more formal occasion.
  4. CROSS-BODY: bags have become extremely popular in the last decade and I have to admit a larger cross-body is now my bag of choice instead of the mid-size to larger handbag I was partial to just a year ago.
  5. BACK PACK: a style gaining more popularity and again is so great for travel or if you just really like to be hands free.
  6. WRISTLET or CROSS-BODY Wallet: These are more special occasion to include a phone, keys, credit cards and that’s about it!

I’m often asked if I change bags regularly for different outfits. My answer is absolutely not. I don’t have time to fuss with it nor do I want to. I will definitely switch for a special occasion. I also like to use a bag for a month or two and switch

For a particular season, I believe it’s smart to rotate. This also help cut down the wear/tear on one bag. Think about it, a handbag gets a lot of wear. It’s also easy to get tired of one bag you use year round or even half of the year.

Here is one way to rotate:

When I was really into the mid-size/larger bags, I always chose neutral, multi-seasonal colors. Black, taupe, gray, navy etc. I recall one summer I used a navy bag almost the whole season. The next year I put it away, didn’t use at all, then brought it back the following year.

Another way I like to rotate:

Use a bag for a month or two, then switch to another one for the next months. For example during the winter months start with black, switch to gray or a bright color. I prefer neutrals for bags, but I do have a red tote too. It seems with a  cross-body I like a pop of color in the summer. Last year I bought a purple and it was way more neutral than I thought it would be. It coordinated with everything. I’m a big fan of the Nordstrom Rack to pick up good deals on bags. Check out the SHOP page for the latest addition to my Nordstrom Favorites featuring handbags.

Admittedly, I thought a cross-body would not hold enough of the basics I needed. Recently I have several styles that have worked really well because I’ve switched some of the other elements inside. The shopping widget above includes some of the card holders and that will be one of the things I’ll cover in Part 2.

Over to you? Do you like carrying a larger bag or are you like me and leaning towards the smaller cross-body bags? Check out my Instagram Story poll and vote or leave a comment below!

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