Your Guide to Summer Tanning

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I intended to have a post completed but it just didn’t happen before I left on my trip. I have lots to report back with an update on packing and bags. That will be coming in the next month as many of you prepare for vacations.

We are supposed to have one of the nicest weekends with temperatures climbing to the high eighties and even 90 on Saturday. And since I was just on a sunny vacation (Cabo San Lucas) which was an incentive trip for my EVER skincare business, I thought it would be appropriate timing  for a post on Sunscreen and Self Tanner.

Last spring I covered Sunscreen thoroughly. Looking back at that post, I would only add this tip. If you try one of the safe sunscreen brands, make sure to re-apply MORE frequently than the other sunscreens you have used in the past. To be on the safe said, I’d reapply every 2-3 hours, and maybe more if you are really fair or in intense sunshine.

The other thing that has happened in one years time is there is definitely more awareness about what is in our products. It all started with the reefs. Recently I read the FDA is going to be looking at this category which hasn’t been done in 40 years!


Call me crazy, but I like to get a spray tan for special occasions and before a trip to a sunny place. I don’t love the sun anymore. Well, let me clarify. I love the warmth, but I’m much happier under an umbrella. I’m very fair until I get a tan. I usually have to go so slowly to get that base without burning and it’s just a process. Sitting in the shade is easier and better for my skin. `

Yet, I don’t want to look so pale on the beach or at the pool. It takes some planning for the spray tan process.

1.It’s a good idea to exfoliate and moisturize days before. You don’t want to use any lotion right before the spray tan or it won’t adhere to your skin properly.

2. It’s best to wait 6-8 hours before showering. The first layer will wash off and your skin will be just a shade or so lighter. It honestly lasts for nearly a week (chlorine can affect this)

If you are local I recommend Organic Bronze Bar which has several locations in the Portland/Vancouver area.


There are so many options on the market for self tanner it’s hard to know where to begin. I have tried Kiehl’s, Clarins, Jergens to name a few. Once I became more aware of what was in my beauty products I switched to Vita Liberata. Overall these products work great and look natural. Some take a few hours to show color and others are buildable for a gradual tan.

They all have one thing in common: They take a little time and effort and there is a distinct smell from the DHA in all of these products. 


How would you like a product that could work AND without that smell? EVER skincare has done just that with an innovative new product called VACAY–self tanning drops. You mix several drops with your regular moisturizer in the palm of your hand, then working into your skin for a buildable tan. I decided to try it starting with my face, neck, and décolletage. We were gifted this product on the trip and I started on Sunday.

At first I didn’t know if it was working, but today when I did the Before/After photo it is very noticeable that indeed it works and with really so little effort! At first glance you may be thinking… wait a minute–didn’t you just say you were in Cabo? That’s why your face is tan. Yes, but I don’t let any sun get on my face. I wear lots of sunscreen and spend time in the shade, wear a hat etc. In both photos I have on un tinted moisturizer only. I haven’t had a tan on my face in many years, but when I did this is exactly how it looked (well add on about 25 years!)

Next, I’ll move to trying on my arms and legs. I have friends who have tried it on their legs and I’m eager to see what it does. Available May 10th @ 9:00 AM PST.

The other product shown above is a body oil. The oil is light–not sticky or greasy and moisturizes beautifully! I especially like it on my legs. It has a slight shimmer when bottle is shaken but it is NOT sparkly. It is extremely subtle. Want to see more details. Ask to join my EVERSKINCARE and MAKEUP by Karen Facebook closed group.

How would you like to receive both of these products FREE? Take EVER’s 30 Day Challenge and try our 5 product Regimen for 30 days. The two products ($84 value) above will be yours FREE to keep or gift to someone you know.

If you don’t feel or notice a difference in your skin, you will receive your money back. CONTACT me directly for more questions about the regimen and how to customize it. Take the skin quiz and watch a video to learn more.

So over to you? Do you prefer tanning naturally, self tanners or none of the above?