What to Wear to a Wedding: Accessories

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Fashion Tips, Formal Dressing | 2 comments

As I mentioned in my previous post, I plan to do a wedding series over the next months sharing not just my journey as the MOG, but also some general wedding ideas. I love to share sources and highlight another business.

You will see in this post that most of the pictures are linked to Amazon. I’m now an Amazon Affiliate. When you click on the link and purchase, it is linked back to me and pays me a small percentage at no additional cost to you. It’s one small way you can help me offset website/hosting cost.

I want to say thanks to those of you who have subscribed and read posts in your email. I feel like I’m slowly getting in the groove of writing again after a 5-year hiatus.

Back to Amazon. Perhaps it’s been around for a bit, but recently I noticed the Prime option ” Try before you buy”. I was hoping to test it out before this post, but I will report back once I do.

I am getting asked constantly if I’ve found my MOG dress. I have not. I have a couple contenders, but nothing I’m totally in love with yet. I just keep ordering and returning.

Let’s move beyond MOB/MOG dresses for a moment, and discuss what to wear if you are a wedding guest. With the variety of venues now, more outdoor options, casual attire has come into play in recent years.

I attended a wedding at a golf course venue a number of years ago on a beautiful summer day. The guys were so casual–many in shorts. Nearly all the women wore a dress. I wondered if this has just been engrained in us? Weddings=dresses. Certainly casual skirts, maxi dresses are very prevalent. I’ve also been asked if a dressy pant outfit is appropriate for a wedding. I would have to say that there are times it can work.

My display for the TV segment showed some typical things for MOG/MOG but certainly some things carry over to guests as well.

SHOES: With the outdoor venues and challenges of grass, gravel and cobblestone at some of our local wineries, the shoes becomes very important. Who needs a twisted ankle? Yet, if you like a bit of a heel, you can get that with the Rockport which has a block heel-helpful in certain settings. If you don’t care for the block heel trend, the sky is the limit on shoes.

For a summer wedding I like a neutral shoe that almost disappears on the leg. Black dress? You sure could go either way, but make sure the black shoe shows more of your foot than shoe. If you get a heavier black shoe, your eye goes right to the shoe. This isn’t necessarily a summer wedding look, but it is the perfect example of the right shoe.

Jewelry: There are dozens of ways to go with costume jewelry that looks more expensive that it is. Cubic Zirconia has come a long way. If you’ve got the real thing, even better!

I love something that catches the light and has a little sparkle. General rule of thumb. If the dress has a lot of detail at the neckline, skip the necklace and go for earrings and a bracelet. If the dress has an open neckline, go for that as the focal point with an understated earring. The neckline on the dress is perfect for that drop necklace. (Not available since I purchased it on sale. Here is a similar style. ) The drop earring I would pair with a very delicate necklace or none at all.

Handbags: This post would go on and on with all the various cross-body or clutch choices so I’ve narrowed it a bit. First a choice for a wedding guest and then another one for the MOB/MOG.

Do you have summer weddings to attend this year?