What are Your 2020 Goals?

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It’s a New Year and a New Decade! Perhaps you’ve stopped making resolutions or picking a word of the year. I certainly felt that way in the past and for several consecutive years. It seemed that I was good with a resolution for a few weeks or a few months if I was lucky. This year I saw this on Facebook and I thought it would be a great way to start off my post.

Now I would see different words every time, but when I tried this initially, the first words I saw were WELLNESS, SUCCESS and COURAGE. I thought I would hone in on WELLNESS this year. You know, everyone told me that when you become a caregiver, it’s easy to let yourself go. Admittedly I have done that despite the warnings. So this year it has to be Wellness for me. What words popped to the forefront for you?

Do you have goals or something you want to try in 2020?

5 Things to Tackle in the New Year

  1. Find a NEW and Different exercise routine. Exercise can get boring so quickly and then it’s easy to stop and not do it at all. Music helps me a great deal. Check out Amazon Music and change it up frequently. I imagine what is why I chose Jazzercise a couple of years ago. Yes, it still exists. In the age of all the buzz with Orange Theory and Cross Fit, I know this is old school. For someone who tries so stay current on everything this may go against the grain, but I love it! Over 20 years ago I also took a Line Dancing class. I was surprised to see when the schedule came out for the local community college Line Dancing was still offered! Maybe I’ll try it again. Another big advantage of both of these activities? It also works your brain! Years ago, I enjoyed Step Aerobics. Any other fans out there? I still think that was one of the best work-outs. The main point I want to make here is that we all like different things so find something you love! Oh and another tip: I recall MANY years ago when the TV show 24 was popular, I never watched it live, but downloaded seasons at a time. (we purchased them on I-tunes back then!) It’s so action packed and fast paced that it made my work-out (I believe it was the stair climber at the time) go so fast. The frenzied storylines made ME go faster as well. It was crazy, but I looked forward to working out to watch another episode!
  2. Try a NEW fashion trend. It doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t have to revolve your whole wardrobe around it. But it’s fun to take one trend, embrace it and make it your own. My recent one to try was the cropped flare which I featured in my last post. In that post, I pointed out that shoes/boots were the biggest key to making that style work. Here is another link to a search I did for a low-heeled boot. The one I chose by 1901 is now on sale.
  3. Tweak your hair style or color! ( I’ll address this in an upcoming post) Meanwhile, if you’re ready for a change, consult your hair stylist.
  4. Is there an eating pattern you need to change? I hate the word diet. I seem to have tried them all. We can start out with the best intentions, but old habits creep in. For me, I’m still addicted to carbs and it’s my nemesis. I WILL get it under control this year! I’m trying something that I’ll be eager to share if it works. Stay tuned.
  5. Update your Makeup Routine. You may recall I wrote a detailed post before the holidays on this topic. Due to a web-hosting glitch, it was deleted. I’m working on re-writing it this month.

Now, over to you! What topics would you like me to cover this year? I thank you again for following and subscribing.

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