Wedding Re-cap Part 2

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And now the wedding details….

The Venue

Hidden Pines Chapel near Flower Mound, Texas is a fairly new venue. While not their first choice for outdoor photos, the inside made up for it! They chose a morning time slot with brunch and even a donut wall! The 11:00 time made for an early morning (for hair and makeup) but it was cooler and perfect for a few outdoor photos. In fact, we were spared from the 108 degree temperatures the week before and it was in the nineties with low humidity–similar to what we’ve been having in Portland.

I thought the photos in the bridal suite were just beautiful. The flower girl looking on–adorable!

There were so many great poses of the couple, I did my best to limit it to three! I was able to help the bride choose her dress in February. I was so happy with her choice. Isn’t she stunning?

The bridal party was large. My daughter-in-law has been in a number of weddings lately and has many friends. It’s common now for the bridesmaids to choose different styles of dresses, and in this case she chose two different shades of purple. Coupled with the flowers, it was a beautiful choice in my eyes.

A trend for groomsmen is to go with a suits instead of tuxedos. They chose a three-piece suit which is a little more formal. I’ve even seen pictures of wedding with the guys in a simple suit or even just shirt and tie. I like this trend. These groomsmen rented, but many times the guys are buying the suit for often close to the same price.

After ordering about 15 different dresses, I went with the first one I saw back in March from Tadashi Shoji. It was from Nordstrom and is no longer available. I followed my own best advice and held on to two sizes. Wouldn’t you know it, I lost enough weight for the larger size to be altered, but not quite enough to keep the smaller one. Jewelry is all from Nadri and my shoes are David Tate. They were fine and certainly didn’t hurt my feet but not meant for the dance floor. This brand comes in Narrow and wide widths so keep it in mind if you need extended sizes in a dressier shoe.

My husband wore a suit he’s had for a few years, but chose a new shirt and tie. Guys have it so easy! David Donahue makes an excellent dress shirt, and the tie is Canali.

The cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors The dress was comfortable and light weight (unlike many with a lace overlay). I received many compliments. However, we are our own worst critics, and after seeing more pictures, and really unflattering camera angles I certainly wish I had lost more weight. The alterations were on the top part of the dress which caused it it to pull and it didn’t lay exactly right. Above the candids from my phone, and below the professional ones which changed the color –I assume from all the natural light streaming in the chapel.

Family Pictures

We are so excited to have a new daughter-in-law!

The Reception

Donuts, Coffee cake and the Groom’s Cake featuring my son’s favorite sports and teams.

Mother/Son Dance

Instead of us being out there the dancing through the whole song (and everyone else being bored) part-way through the song, the DJ invited other mothers and sons to join us. I thought it was nice touch and made this tradition a little more unique.

My husband with his mom!

The Decorative Extras:

The bride collected some things at estate sales and many ideas from Pinterest to put this all together. Her creative step-mom was busy working on all of this the week of the wedding. It’s a little hard to see, but the upper right picture is an old window and she will use that later as a frame for some wedding photos.

And now we can all relax a little until the reception at our house in September!

PHOTO CREDIT: Brittany Partain Photography. She captured the day beautifully!