Wardrobe Series #3: Jackets by Category

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Fashion Tips, Personal Style | 1 comment

As I mentioned with the post on Cardigans, Jackets were briefly covered in the Third Piece post. This time I broke it down by category. It should help you pinpoint what works for best for you–your personal style, lifestyle and personality traits. It’s the perfect segue for all of you who are new here and joining me for the virtual workshop. Thank you for registering!

Workshop Details:

Speaking of THAT workshop….On Sunday I sent you all an email about my 3-day workshop Oct 11-13. The link was a “work-around” that Mail Chimp suggested and it did NOT work. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience because some of you had tried from social media as well. You, the loyal readers, were the only group affected. I’ll spare you all the technical details; thankfully my virtual assistant found a solution. Here is what you can do to register: (we’ve tested it numerous time today)

Click HERE and type in your name and email. 1. You will receive a pop up message that directs you to click the link. Do NOT click “join me” 2. This will generate an email in which you click another link and you’re in! See the photos to guide you. THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR BLOG SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Everyone else can register in the normal way with the link above.


It’s important to register so you will receive all the info you need including a FREE workbook to download or print. And to be entered for the Giveaways, your name needs to be on the registration list. Make sure to join the Facebook Group where all the videos will be housed for the week! I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to share it with you.

Jackets Through the Years/Current Trends

Now back to jackets. I am definitely a jacket girl. If you’ve been following me over the years, you are not likely to see me without one! In the nineties I wore oversized blazers with shoulder pads when I was teaching ( and loved them) They are back by the way–with a twist of course!

When I worked retail, I had a “collection” of leather jackets which in my eyes helped add just a bit of an edge to my various dress codes that said NO DENIM! (UGH!!) There are so many great faux leather jackets now that give you the look you want without the price tag. (I’ve linked several below in the widget.) I loved the structure and the flattering fits of the jackets that I could find which visually shed pounds off my mid-section. Yes, admittedly I hid excess weight under a jacket many times!

As my lifestyle changed, my choices in jackets also had to take a turn. Denim jackets were always a must, but when you love jackets, you want as much variety as possible. Utility jackets became a favorite, and as you see in the video, any type of hoodie under a jacket was a look I truly embraced.

The jackets in the video that I showed are no longer available although you might be able to find the green jacket I’m wearing at a Cabi outlet store. Cabi does jackets SO well, and I’ll for sure be featuring them more in depth towards the end of the month when I have my Cabi virtual show.

Shop Jackets:

I tried to put a bunch of different ones in the widget (some similar to what I own)

TIP: Be sure to check the spandex content if you love a lot of “give” in your fit.

I’m also really impressed with EVEREVE’s Jacket selection this year. I could have chosen twenty from their site! Well I’m keeping this post a little shorter this week because you are going to be hearing from me quite a bit in the next couple of weeks regarding the FREE workshop! Now it’s your turn. Did you define your Jacket style?