Wardrobe Series #2: The Perfect Neutral Tee/Graphic Tees

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Fashion trends, Shopping Tips | 8 comments

It’s a wardrobe basic! We all love those neutral tees because they are the perfect layering pieces as well as stand alone tops that can easily be dressed up with accessories. Long sleeved, short sleeved, and tanks. We need all styles of neutrals. White, off white, black and gray are the typical neutrals I focused on. And more and more we are also seeing a huge variety in shades too.

When it comes to long sleeved tees, there is such a variance in fit. I found a V-neck tee I loved from Target. I also linked a long sleeved Halogen that is meant to be more form fitting. I refer to these as my “Second Skin”. They feel so good and are the perfect layering piece.

We’ve all seen the effortless look of a tee paired with anything from denim to skirts to blazers! The versatility in these photos really stands out. You would say it’s Jennifer Anniston’s Signature look and no one seems to do it better.

photo credit: Pinterest

The Perfect Tee (does it exist?)

I was on the quest for the perfect tee because I get asked this question so frequently! It takes some effort and discernment as you’re looking because the sources are plentiful. Of course, not all are created equal! Fit, comfort and durability are the key elements. Some don’t mind throwing these staples out every so often, but I would like them to last longer than a year. Fabrication and weight is an important consideration because of the “hole factor” as shown in my video.

The video shows my finds and of course with a 20 minute video, I only scratch the surface. And I challenged anyone watching and reading to please share if you’ve found one you love! Did I have a favorite? Yes it was a toss up between the Good American and the ATM. The latter one was better but double the price. I have never spent that much on a tee EVER, but honestly I’m really tempted. I liked the V-neck of the Good American though!

I mentioned EVERLANE because I have referred a few clients this direction. It also gets mentioned numerous times in the dozens of articles written on this topic. Since I didn’t place my order in time, I will report back once I get them. In fact, I will likely revisit other items in our wardrobe series as we go along. See below for a great cardigan I found from Amazon!

Graphic Tees

T-shirts and a great piece of jewelry definitely adds interest to our outfit and so does the graphic tee. We started seeing this about three years ago and I’ve written about it several times. For some reason it was a trend that appealed to me. Yet I know that many of you don’t feel the same way. Many women don’t love what a lot of the graphic tees say and others don’t want to call attention to their chest. I understand all of that. I am picky about what I choose and have shared some of my choices in this post. It’s just the perfect way to dress down some of the blazers you may not be wearing. I like the interest and fun these can add, not to mention they are a conversation piece. It’s the perfect way to mix a print too!

To me, graphic tees are meant for layering. I would rarely wear one without a third piece but that is me and my style. That is not a requirement. I usually want just a touch of the shirt showing to help my outfit be interesting and stand out. We’ve come a long way in the cut of these shirts beyond the big, boxy men’s tees that we often saw when we bought the touristy tees after visiting a vacation spot.

Now you can find graphic tees with about anything from movies, to TV shows. Vintage, recognizable logos like Coca Cola, Levis are very prevalent. Popular rock bands both current and from days past make up a very popular category.

Three completely different looks from blazer to denim jacket to cardigan which is the one I found at Amazon for a fraction of the cost of the J Crew piece.

I created a widget for many of the tees I showed plus a lot more. I hope you enjoy shopping for one. There are literally hundreds to choose from. Let me know if you have questions putting your look together. Over to you. Have you had a neutral tee in the past you have loved? Have you tried a graphic tee?