Things I Love: White Denim

by | Jun 30, 2011 | Denim, Fashion trends | 3 comments

Perhaps I’m in the minority here, but I love white denim! I think I bought a pair of white jeans back in 2006 before I really saw anyone else wearing them. Now I have a pair of boot cut and straight cut in white. I love the way spring colors look with white.

Wait, what about wearing white in all the rain? I pick and choose when and where I wear white jeans. White denim is the perfect solution for our cooler, cloudy days in the Northwest. Needless to say, I’m still wearing them!

If you live in heat/humidity, I’m not sure white jeans will be top on your list. Perhaps you would hardly wear them before the heat sets in. It still might be worth one pair for your early spring days when you just want to wear something bright and colorful. I showed some white denim shorts for your sake.

I believe the key is choosing a heavier, thicker denim that is not as see through. (If you live in the south, you’ve probably cringing even reading this.) Proper undergarments under white jeans is important, but a topic for another post! If you go skinny or straight with a longer top you won’t have to worry about this.

Every year Cabi comes out with some great white denim. This year their Bree jean was my favorite. The Cabi season is over, but consultants are selling samples and their outlet store has lots of white denim.

I also heard heard great things about Gap jeans.  The reviews say they are really more of a cream color and I saw that in the store. Actually, I believe that can work great with some outfits.

Levi’s has a very affordable brand, and they fit well I thought. (available in Macy’s stores but could not find them online) I also liked Kut from the Kloth at Nordstrom

Now some pictures to see how colors pop when wearing white jeans.

Last year’s photo from my son’s graduation. Imagine this jacket with black pants or dark denim–the white makes the outfit!  Cabi 2009/2010

Ok I’ve resorted to taking photos in front of a mirror like other bloggers. I can’t tell you how silly I feel standing in front of the mirror holding a camera and taking photos of myself, but it works!

I’m “dripping” with Stella & Dot in these photos. I wouldn’t be so quick to put lime green and turquoise together if it were not for this pieces.

Cabi Happy Tank from Spring 2011, green cardigan: Nordstrom Rack, white denim Cabi 2009 Copa Necklace, Paige Bangle, Mira Bangles from Stella & Dot.

Cabi Bree Jeans, Coral top: Nordstrom, Cardigan: Emu Australia from Accenutate Boutique.  La Coco Turquoise Beads, Sunset Bangle from Stella & Dot. Again, the jewelry helps tie these two colors together. Click on the links to get the close-up pictures of the jewelry. I LOVE all of these pieces and highly recommend!

The purpose of the photos was to show white denim; I just couldn’t resist showing all the fun jewelry as well. I realize it doesn’t show nicely in the photos. There’s only so much a girl can do when no family photographers are available. I have many ideas/photos coming for those of you that want to know how I choose jewelry for outfits.

So what do you think? Will you give white denim a chance?