These Challenging Times

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I’ve had this post started numerous times. I’ve been formulating it in my head over and over for the last two weeks. Every day I told myself…”Today I’ll write that blog post!”

It’s difficult to know what topics to cover because we are navigating a situation that is affecting every one of us a little differently. Some of you are still working with certain modifications. Others are working at home. Many have kids at home that need guidance with home schooling or older teenagers who are going crazy stuck at home trying to bend the rules. Perhaps you’ve been laid off, or your place of business has closed. We are living in some interesting times. How many times have you read and heard the word unprecedented? We are all being challenged in a very unusual way that we certainly couldn’t have predicted.

That being said, writing about my typical topics at first didn’t feel right. Perhaps I was overthinking it, but all this indecision kept me from being very productive the last two weeks in nearly every aspect of my life!

I went through several days of staying in my pajamas and not doing much to get ready for the day. I had the “pity-party” day where I reflected on the last year and how things were starting to get a little more normal for us. I was just days away from creating lots of content with a photo shoot, video, online events and so much more when we were told to stay home.

Then one day last week I decided it was time to forge ahead. Working on all aspects of my business helps me feel good and that’s my job and what I do. It may look a little different because I still want to be sensitive to what everyone is going through. So here goes!

The first thing to share with you falls in the category of self care. If your hands are a dry, cracked from continually washing your hands this LAVISH Body Butter is the BEST. It’s unscented so no worries if you have  aversions to various scents or perfume products. It’s creamy and thicker than a lotion. I honestly haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love it.

20% of the net proceeds of this product and this “curated boutique” goes to NO KID HUNGRY to supplement meals for kids who normally qualify for free and reduced lunches at school. This ends March 31st so be sure and check it out. It’s just one small way we can give back.

Do you know a health care worker who could benefit from something special? The Lavish or something from the boutique could be a nice little “pick me up”. I’m donating containers of Lavish to health care workers. Thank you in advance because your orders help me give to that cause. You are helping out No Kid Hungry and my cause simultaneously!

Another way to give back to a Health Care worker is to purchase a pair of All Birds shoes. Last week they gave over $500,000 of shoes to our doctors and nurses! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST the company will split the cost of a second pair when you buy one. They have thousands on a waiting list who would still like shoes.

Here is how it works: When you purchase a pair you can choose a “bundle” This puts your pair in the cart and HALF of the cost of another pair. The company will split the cost of the SECOND pair and give to someone who has reached out. Pretty AMAZING! Click on the above link and there is a green banner right at the top of the page to guide you directly to the bundles. I would do this soon if you want to participate.

If you don’t know about All Birds you can read my review of last spring here.

I ordered the Mizzle style which is waterproof.

Last, I hope you will join my Facebook Private group: Style, Beauty and Wellness by Karen. For the next couple of weeks I’ll be doing Facebook LIVE sessions with all sorts of FREE information –everything from Using the space in your closet, to the Capsule Wardrobe to Skincare/Makeup Clean-out, I will be covering it!

Since it’s a private group, you have to ask to join and I will approve it.

My hope and prayer is that you and your loved ones are all safe and well! Thank you for being here and reading!